Monday, May 29, 2006

Elephant Shoes

Did you know if you mouth the words elepant shoes, it looks like you are saying 'I love you'? It's also the name of a romantic comedy set in Montreal about a couple that meets, falls in love, and then breaks up all in 12 hours. I watched it the other night, when I was preparing myself for night shifts by staying up late, and I thought it was great. The couple goes through all the stages of a relationship from flirting to awkwardness to acceptance, all within this really short time frame. A very interesting concept, and I think they did a good job with it. The thing is that you know from the begining that they will break up, because it says so on the back of the DVD, but I was really unprepared for how heartbreaking it was when it happened.

So, tonight was the Ben Harper concert in Vancouver...and I'm so sad to be missing it. Why do I live in Edmonton? It seems like over the last year, I've always been in the wrong town at the wrong time, concert wise. But things may be looking up... Feist will be at the Edmonton Folk Festival... Rachel do you want to go?


Bec Shulba said...

can't wait for you being in town again. pedicures and hip hop? elephant shoes.

rachel synchyshyn said...

yesss...i for sure want to go to feist...Dallas says it sells out mega fast here in E-town (given the limited selection of terrific music in town, this does not surprise me), so we'll have to be on top of this, non?!

Thanks again for being a FABULOUS FRIEND and helping me move into the new place...hopefully we'll be able to reward you with many dinners, backyard sit-ins, and if you're lucky, a certain moon light fixture ;-)

ang said...

I swear I read Rachel's "backyard sit-ins" as "baby sit-ing"
confusion and alarm surged my body.

Who's counting down the days till Laura's wedding? Domi's already got his plane ticket booked. Turns out he can't get enough of you guys, or maybe me, I can't decide. But I wouldn't blame him, the time I spend with you guys is the best of times.

I have a crush on all of us together. (that's a quote for bec to use on her blog)

Thanks for all being my sparkle!

Alyssa said...

Ang - I'm pretty sure the crush is on you.

ang said...

it's been almost a week, and I'm wondering if you have forgotten that we are all now checking your blog daily. Can't you take a 2:30am coffee break and fill us in?

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