Thursday, June 29, 2006

calorie insanity

I was at Safeway today and saw a little boy hold up a carton of chocolate soy milk and ask his mom how many calories were in it. When I was little I don't remember ever thinking about calories, fat, or my weight. I think it's really sad that kids are so concerned now, starting at such a young age... they are missing out on the only time in their lives that they get to be completely oblivious.

The mom at Safeway replied that he was too young to think about calories, and that he should only think about if his food was healthy. I thought that was a good answer, but you have to wonder that if a boy who's mother has healthy attitudes towards food can still be counting calories at 7 years old, what is happening to all those kids out there who's parents are constantly dieting and complaining about their bodies.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

a few pictures

Since I finally remembered to bring my camera somewhere I thought I'd share some photos from my weekend camping trip to Jasper.

Here we are with our new tent ... owning camping equipment makes me feel so grown up! One of my favorite things about this tent is the fact that it is that subdued shade of brown, not bright orange or red like a lot of other tents seem to be.

On Saturday we drove down the Icefield Hwy to see the Athabasca glacier. Halfway there we realized that we didn't have enough gas to make it to back to Jasper, so we decided to keep going until we reached Saskatchewan Crossing... it was quite the detour but since that highway is so beautiful the 3 hours of driving felt worth it.

After going to the glacier we stopped at the Athabasca Waterfall, which is only 30 minutes south of Jasper and really cool. The water has carved out these amazing canyons, and potholes in the rock, and you can even walk through an old canyon. Very beautiful and well worth the detour if you're driving through Jasper, say on your way out to Edmonton!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

this past week

Some people are so good at this they can post almost every day, I am sadly not one of them. So please don't give up on me just because it seems that I may have dropped off the edge of the earth. This time my excuse is that James has been out visiting this past week. It was great, I only had to work 2 days, so it was like we were on vacation. Some highlights of the week were...

1. Being in the same city as my fiance...always a thrill. Seriously, I was sitting at work and thinking about how I would call James when I got home, but then realized that I wouldn't be calling him, I would be SEEING him... that is a great feeling.

2. Games night with Rachel and Dallas... those two sure know how to show people a good time. The two best meals I've had in the last month have both been at their place... thanks for the leftovers Rach, they were great at work.

3. A crazy rainstorm on Thursday flooded my basement suite... OK, this one is more of a lowlight... but the plus side to having no furniture and using the crappy stuff left by my landlord is that it sure didn't matter to me that it got wet. Luckily this is not Vancouver, and a flooded basement will actually dry pretty quickly. Funny story about my flooded apartment, it made me realize that only owning 3 towels is not so great for trying to mop the place up. So I decided to go over to Walmart to quickly buy some towels (yes Walmart, sometimes being the closest and cheapest place wins over all the other bad stuff about them), and Walmart had flooded. But not all the store, just one section... that's right, it was the towels and bedding section that was flooded and closed. Awesome.

4. Camping in Jasper... James and I bought a tent from MEC, which we decided was kind of like our first home. Then we went up to Jasper for the weekend. It was so fun to see the mountains, tons of animals (including a bear, a coyote, and some of the ugliest looking mountain goats), glaciers and all that.

So that is pretty much what I've been up to.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Rocking Out at Chucky Cheese

I've been living the life of a 9 to 5 day-worker this week, with three 'project shifts'. Basically you work on your own and decide what you want to do, so since I'm so new these are just like all day study sessions for me. Right now I'm learning about fog and low cloud... I know...thrilling.

So the perks of working regular length days is that you can actually have a life. On Wednesday I went to see Bright Eyes with Rachel and Dallas. My first official concert in Edmonton, and it was at Reds at the West Edmonton Mall, definitely one of the funniest places I've ever seen a concert. It's this giant space that is subdivided into a pool hall, an arcade, a family-style diner, a bar, and a stage. And it's decorated with huge animal heads hung from the ceiling... I think that Dallas' friend described it best when he said it was a giant chucky cheese. Neat. It did make me appreciate the fabulous Commodore Ballroom...

I also went to see the Break Up last night with my friend Amanda. It was an interesting movie in that it seems like it's a romantic comedy, but it is just a little too real to be funny. You just feel so bad for these people, and they are so hurt and hurtful to each other... I don't know that being realistic makes it a bad movie (how could it?)... but it just shows that sometimes there is a very fine line between funny and painfully uncomfortable.

Another perk of working regular people hours it that weekends once again have meaning to me. And this one especially since James is coming out tonight, and staying for one whole week!

I'm posting a picture of me working the forecasting desk for southern BC... see how I'm reaching for the water bottle while using the mouse... talk about multi-tasking.

Monday, June 05, 2006

moving up the ladder and other thoughts

Well I did it... yesterday at work I was officially promoted to the next level at work. This means that now I'll work on my own (for the past two months I have had a trainer working with me), and that no one will be double checking my forecasts before they go out... kind of scary but also nice to know that people have faith in me and think I'm capable. My trainer is so great, and she organized a mini-party for me at work yesterday. We ordered pizza for lunch, and then there was a card, presents, and a cake that said 'Congratulations Alyssa'! How great is that... I'm sure none of the other people I was on course with will get a party like that for completing their on the job training.

The other exciting news of the weeks is that the newlyweds Rachel and Dallas are now in town! I spent some time with them last week, at their great new place, and I'm really looking forward to having some good friends living in town.

It's a beautiful day here in Edmonton... I am surprised how nice it is here these days. I am used to the prairies in summer and winter, when it's so brown and dry, so I was completely caught off guard when the grass and trees turned green. Of course it can't be compared to how lush and green things are at home, but it's wonderful after a bleak winter without any snow to cover up the dirt and brown grass.