Thursday, June 29, 2006

calorie insanity

I was at Safeway today and saw a little boy hold up a carton of chocolate soy milk and ask his mom how many calories were in it. When I was little I don't remember ever thinking about calories, fat, or my weight. I think it's really sad that kids are so concerned now, starting at such a young age... they are missing out on the only time in their lives that they get to be completely oblivious.

The mom at Safeway replied that he was too young to think about calories, and that he should only think about if his food was healthy. I thought that was a good answer, but you have to wonder that if a boy who's mother has healthy attitudes towards food can still be counting calories at 7 years old, what is happening to all those kids out there who's parents are constantly dieting and complaining about their bodies.


ang said...

hmmm, my poor kids will never know what calories are, it will be like sex, they will find out about it from their friends behind some school portable, and they will have to pretend that they know what their friends are talking about.

ang said...

Oh and I went to a sale this week and bought some vases, candles, and table mirrors. When you are here you'll have to see if they work for you, if not, no worries. I just got a bad case of weddings on the brain not to mention showers, so I'm buying.

Bec Shulba said...

that kid probably overheard me asking the same thing about my chocolate soy milk. ha.

Anonymous said...