Friday, June 09, 2006

Rocking Out at Chucky Cheese

I've been living the life of a 9 to 5 day-worker this week, with three 'project shifts'. Basically you work on your own and decide what you want to do, so since I'm so new these are just like all day study sessions for me. Right now I'm learning about fog and low cloud... I know...thrilling.

So the perks of working regular length days is that you can actually have a life. On Wednesday I went to see Bright Eyes with Rachel and Dallas. My first official concert in Edmonton, and it was at Reds at the West Edmonton Mall, definitely one of the funniest places I've ever seen a concert. It's this giant space that is subdivided into a pool hall, an arcade, a family-style diner, a bar, and a stage. And it's decorated with huge animal heads hung from the ceiling... I think that Dallas' friend described it best when he said it was a giant chucky cheese. Neat. It did make me appreciate the fabulous Commodore Ballroom...

I also went to see the Break Up last night with my friend Amanda. It was an interesting movie in that it seems like it's a romantic comedy, but it is just a little too real to be funny. You just feel so bad for these people, and they are so hurt and hurtful to each other... I don't know that being realistic makes it a bad movie (how could it?)... but it just shows that sometimes there is a very fine line between funny and painfully uncomfortable.

Another perk of working regular people hours it that weekends once again have meaning to me. And this one especially since James is coming out tonight, and staying for one whole week!

I'm posting a picture of me working the forecasting desk for southern BC... see how I'm reaching for the water bottle while using the mouse... talk about multi-tasking.


rachel s. said...

I like the pic - gives me a good idea of what you had described to me. I have to admit that when you said "four monitors, and one is divided again," I really had a hard time getting an idea of what you meant. You look BUSY! Yay for being friends in the same city, can't wait for dinner - how does Tuesday sound? I just picked up a shift and I'm working 9:30-5:30 on Monday...let me know!!!

Bec Shulba said...

yay for a picture of you at work. although, i was imagining that you looked just like that at work since i've seen you in a a similar place. :)

dariansgirl said...

it's so fun to see a pic of you at work. to be honest, i was really curious about the inner workings of the weather sanctum.
i loooovvvvveeeeeed the breakup! i thought the fights were so real! good times. enjoy your normal life of day shifts.

Anonymous said...