Sunday, June 18, 2006

this past week

Some people are so good at this they can post almost every day, I am sadly not one of them. So please don't give up on me just because it seems that I may have dropped off the edge of the earth. This time my excuse is that James has been out visiting this past week. It was great, I only had to work 2 days, so it was like we were on vacation. Some highlights of the week were...

1. Being in the same city as my fiance...always a thrill. Seriously, I was sitting at work and thinking about how I would call James when I got home, but then realized that I wouldn't be calling him, I would be SEEING him... that is a great feeling.

2. Games night with Rachel and Dallas... those two sure know how to show people a good time. The two best meals I've had in the last month have both been at their place... thanks for the leftovers Rach, they were great at work.

3. A crazy rainstorm on Thursday flooded my basement suite... OK, this one is more of a lowlight... but the plus side to having no furniture and using the crappy stuff left by my landlord is that it sure didn't matter to me that it got wet. Luckily this is not Vancouver, and a flooded basement will actually dry pretty quickly. Funny story about my flooded apartment, it made me realize that only owning 3 towels is not so great for trying to mop the place up. So I decided to go over to Walmart to quickly buy some towels (yes Walmart, sometimes being the closest and cheapest place wins over all the other bad stuff about them), and Walmart had flooded. But not all the store, just one section... that's right, it was the towels and bedding section that was flooded and closed. Awesome.

4. Camping in Jasper... James and I bought a tent from MEC, which we decided was kind of like our first home. Then we went up to Jasper for the weekend. It was so fun to see the mountains, tons of animals (including a bear, a coyote, and some of the ugliest looking mountain goats), glaciers and all that.

So that is pretty much what I've been up to.


ang said...

sounds like a great week! But I couldn't help but wonder why those jerks at your office couldn't have "predicted" the basement flooding, come on, a little heads up would have been appreciated.

rachel said...

is that a bit ironic, that it is the forecaster's house that flooded? still, no fun, sorry to hear that, Lys. So glad you and James enjoyed the burgers and salads, etc - I agree that was a very fun night. Hope you're adjusted back to working life.

Bec Shulba said...

wow -- great post. i'm sorry to be reading it so late that you've already posted again! terrible friend that i am. i LOVE the walmart towel story. and hey...remember how you're engaged?!?! i'm still very excited whenever i think about it. i'll continue to remind you how exciting it is until october 2007.

Anonymous said...