Sunday, July 02, 2006

Oh Canada...

So I'm working nights this weekend and didn't even realize what day it was until I was driving to work this evening and heard something about Canada Day on the radio. It's always a little sad to find yourself working nights, on a weekend, on a holiday. We all went to the lunch room around 11pm and turned out the lights so that we could watch the fireworks, it's funny that if I hadn't been working I probably would have missed the fireworks all together. We could see 2 different sets from the office... this city really goes all out.

Tomorrow night a guy at work is buying everyone pizza for dinner! Isn't that crazy... it turns out he promised that if he worked a few double overtime shifts then he would buy pizza for the whole office. I was feeling that I would have to pay for my own dinner, until I found out that his overtime check was $2000! So bring on the pizza party.