Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A quiet-ish night of weather in Southern BC means that it's blogging time for Alyssa!

I've realized that once I've told a story to one of the 5 people who reads my blog, I feel that I can no longer post about it... and this has been hindering my blogging... it is one of the reasons I haven't posted in so long! And also why I never posted about the name website, or the cookie incident... which, I agree, both would have made for some good posts. But, I've had some fresh experiences, and so I'm excited to share with you what I've been up to in recent days.

First of all, it's been really hot. I never thought that 28 degrees would feel cool to me, but after this past week it does. All I can say is thank goodness I live in the basement... it's the next best thing to air conditioning. Although it's not quite as good, and that's why on Saturday night, along with Dallas and Rachel, I was forced to seek shelter in the cool, dark movie theater. Unfortunately, so was everone else in Edmonton, and the show we were going to was sold out. Not to be deterred, we buy tix to the later show, and decide to kill time by participating in another cool activity... eating ice cream. Unfortunately so did everone else in Edmonton, and after walking across hot dusty parking lots, there was a line up out the door for ice cream. So we end up walking even further across hot parking lots to eat ice cream in the Walmart McDonalds... in the end, quite a bit of walking outside for what was supposed to be our way to keep cool.

On Sunday, I joined the lovely Rachel and Dallas again, this time to go to A Taste of Edmonton. It's a festival downtown where restaurants from the city set up booths and you can sample their food. For $15 I ate a ton of great food... and I'm not going to lie to you, a lot of it was desert. How do you resist ice cream cake when it's so hot out? You don't.

After hearing about it from Bec, I went to my library and got a copy of Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress... and read it in 3 days. I thought it was great... the story about Mick Jagger killed me... I mean how often in life do we fantasize about things obsessivly, and then have them come true?

Two days ago I was looking in the mirror when I realized that I had something stuck in my eye. A little white dot had appeared on my iris. I tried everything to get it out, crying, flushing my eye with water, even trying to get it out with my finger... but it won't move. At first it kind of felt like there was something in my eye, but today I don't feel it all. I had a doctor's appointment, so I asked her about it and she replied ever so reassuringly "I have no idea what that is". Then she said something about freezing my eye and trying to get it out... I'm a little freaked out by this.

So that's what I've been up to... not the most glamorous life, but I'm learning to cope with that. And on Thursday, my work is sending me to Kamloops where I'll stay for the weekend and be reunited with my love. I can't wait.


Lynn said...

There may only be 5 people reading your blog, but that might just because some of us didn't know you had a blog. Namely me! Now that I've found you out here on the web, I'll be checking back in... so no repeat stories :)

ang said...

I hope the picture of me on the ferry doesn't give you the impression that I am living a glamorous life. It is but a fraction of the glamour I have when I'm with you. A story for your ears only, if you call me this week. Involving an old hockey buddy, some fireworks, and a tub of hedgehog gelato.

ang said...

and a bare bum...no joke

Bec Shulba said...

isn't the mick jagger story crazy? i loved that part.

Anonymous said...