Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fear the crane!

Way back in summer 2004, while living in the basement suite on west 3rd, I came home to find that my toilet bowl tank had cracked, and water had been leaking into my apartment. A week later I got a phone call from my landlord... Luke... informing me that he had spoke to an 'expert' who had told him that the only way the toilet bowl could have cracked like that was by physical force. The conversation went something like this...

Alyssa:Luke, no one was home when it happened.
Luke:It had to be you, you lie!
Alyssa:Luke, no one was home when it happened.
Luke:You broke it with your super human stength!
Alyssa:Luke, no one was home when it happend.
Luke:Crane toilets are good quality toilets... they don't just break on their own, you stupid lier, even though you've never been anything but an ideal tenant I hate you anyway and will try to pin everything down to mildew growth in the bathroom on you!!!

At which point my dad, who was listening in on this conversation informs me that a)Crane toilets crack all the time leading to b) a class action lawsuite against them.

After informing Luke of this he quickly hangs up on me, without so much as an apology for his rudeness... and never mentions this to me again in the next year I live there.

Well the crane has struck again... exact same problem... the toilet bowl in my parents bathroom cracked flooding the whole kitchen downstairs. And it turns out that their insurance company has an entire department dedicated to damage caused by crane toilets cracking! Which leads me to my point... LUKE NEVER TALKED TO ANY EXPERT!!!! Any expert would KNOW about this was an outright lie designed to bully a young girl into paying for a new toilet... I know that it's been a couple years, but still I get so angry when I think about this.

Whew, that was quite the rant... I guess hearing about crane toilets has brought back all the anger that towards Luke that I have burried inside... must work on being more zen...

But beware if you have a crane toilet... aparently they are ticking time bombs.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

What I did at work today

So I always try to explain what I do at work, and do a crappy job of it. But since my blog needs more pictures, here is my forecast that I did today. I was forecasting the southern half of BC, and as you can see, it explains why it was raining in Vancouver today.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

it's raining....

It's cold and rainy outside today... only 9 degrees... and it's supposed to stay that way all weekend. It sort of takes the edge of having to work. I'm really excited for fall this year, which I know is crazy, since the chance that I'll get off easy with a really mild winter again is not so good. I should want summer to last forever, but I don't. There is just too much pressure to go outside and enjoy the weather. But what if you live in a basement? And work 12 hours so you don't feel like going to the park when you get home? And melt when it gets hotter than 28 degrees? And don't have a pool? Then you end up feeling like you're waisting the summer. So tonight, all I want to do is sit inside and knit... and I will feel great about it, because who would want to go outside in weather like this?

Of course, this just applies to fall. I would be happy with rain for the next 9 months (kind of like at home), but I'm still really freaked out by driving in snow. And just to remind me why I should make sure I really enjoy this fall weather, here are a couple pictures from when Bec came out to visit last March. Just a little taste of what is coming.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

a little bit of disposable time...

Whew... it's my last night of work until Thursday, and I'm looking forward to the break. Don't get me wrong, it's not as though I've been working myself to the bone lately (actually not even close). It's just that I've been away, and then went straight into robot-night-shift-mode (work til 7am, sleep til 5pm, repeat), so I feel like my to do list is getting pretty long. So, because you're all dying to know, here are the highlights of my week to come...

*Mail in the deposit to the caterer... I know this one seems boring, but actually I'm psyched to do it because it means we actually HAVE a caterer for our wedding... hoorah!

*Go to the chiropractor... yup, after years of suffering from my headaches and doing nothing but complain (and blog) about them, I'm finally seeking some help... thanks in part to the sage advice of Rachel. I'm really hopeful that this will help so fingers crossed.

*Knitting... the leaves are turning brown and the forecast high for thursday is 7 freaking degrees... must be time to start knitting again! Every year I try to learn something new, and this year I'm thinking that might be making socks... something I've avoided for a while because they're supposedly hard and also because I could never imagine myself wanting to wear knit socks... but I've found some super cute patterns on, so this might be the year I face my sock fear. Also, I'm thinking about making a trip to a real yarn store to buy some nice yarn... I feel giddy just thinking about it!

*Rasberry picking...well it seems that there exists such a thing as 'fall rasberries' and you can pick them yourself at a local farm. I am there, since I've been going through rasberry withdrawl the past few years since Mom and Dad moved and I lost my source. Rach- did you end up going with your mom?

Sometimes it feels so good to have nothing to do but fill your days as you please.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back from lotus land...

Well I thought that perhaps the reason no one reads my blog anymore is that everyone is tired of my blog template (that, or the fact that I never post anymore... sorry!). So hopefully the new colour will jazz things up... unfortunately my old computer crashes when I try to load pictures... I can't wait until I have access to a newer computer.

So I've returned to Edmonton after a great week in Vancouver. It was SO hard to leave this time, the gorgeous late summer weather really reminded me why I love that city so much. It really made me miss being a student too... which is very nerdy of me... but I can't help that I love going to school. I miss learning new things everyday, and the feeling that endless possibilites lay before you. I think I also miss how much simpler my life seemed when I was a student... that single minded focus on the next assignment, the next test... it left very little time for self doubt.

As far as my time on the coast, it was great to see friends and family again. The only down side was that I got really sick... and just as I was getting better... James caught my cold! Sometimes you just have to laugh... so even though I'm going on and on about how beautiful it was there... I really spent most of the week lying on the couch and watching movies! The last night in town, James toughed it out and we went to Bard on the Beach, which was a lot of fun.