Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back from lotus land...

Well I thought that perhaps the reason no one reads my blog anymore is that everyone is tired of my blog template (that, or the fact that I never post anymore... sorry!). So hopefully the new colour will jazz things up... unfortunately my old computer crashes when I try to load pictures... I can't wait until I have access to a newer computer.

So I've returned to Edmonton after a great week in Vancouver. It was SO hard to leave this time, the gorgeous late summer weather really reminded me why I love that city so much. It really made me miss being a student too... which is very nerdy of me... but I can't help that I love going to school. I miss learning new things everyday, and the feeling that endless possibilites lay before you. I think I also miss how much simpler my life seemed when I was a student... that single minded focus on the next assignment, the next test... it left very little time for self doubt.

As far as my time on the coast, it was great to see friends and family again. The only down side was that I got really sick... and just as I was getting better... James caught my cold! Sometimes you just have to laugh... so even though I'm going on and on about how beautiful it was there... I really spent most of the week lying on the couch and watching movies! The last night in town, James toughed it out and we went to Bard on the Beach, which was a lot of fun.