Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fear the crane!

Way back in summer 2004, while living in the basement suite on west 3rd, I came home to find that my toilet bowl tank had cracked, and water had been leaking into my apartment. A week later I got a phone call from my landlord... Luke... informing me that he had spoke to an 'expert' who had told him that the only way the toilet bowl could have cracked like that was by physical force. The conversation went something like this...

Alyssa:Luke, no one was home when it happened.
Luke:It had to be you, you lie!
Alyssa:Luke, no one was home when it happened.
Luke:You broke it with your super human stength!
Alyssa:Luke, no one was home when it happend.
Luke:Crane toilets are good quality toilets... they don't just break on their own, you stupid lier, even though you've never been anything but an ideal tenant I hate you anyway and will try to pin everything down to mildew growth in the bathroom on you!!!

At which point my dad, who was listening in on this conversation informs me that a)Crane toilets crack all the time leading to b) a class action lawsuite against them.

After informing Luke of this he quickly hangs up on me, without so much as an apology for his rudeness... and never mentions this to me again in the next year I live there.

Well the crane has struck again... exact same problem... the toilet bowl in my parents bathroom cracked flooding the whole kitchen downstairs. And it turns out that their insurance company has an entire department dedicated to damage caused by crane toilets cracking! Which leads me to my point... LUKE NEVER TALKED TO ANY EXPERT!!!! Any expert would KNOW about this was an outright lie designed to bully a young girl into paying for a new toilet... I know that it's been a couple years, but still I get so angry when I think about this.

Whew, that was quite the rant... I guess hearing about crane toilets has brought back all the anger that towards Luke that I have burried inside... must work on being more zen...

But beware if you have a crane toilet... aparently they are ticking time bombs.


ang said...

do experts know an alternative toilet choice?

rachel s. said...

Ohhhh how I love that you posted about this story. Luke really was a bit nutty. As for the expert opinion on an alternative toilet choice, I will have to ask Dallas' dad on that one (he's a plumber).

Are you working nights right now, Lys?

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh lyss, you tell the best stories and how we remember the toliet story. We had a small water issue ourselves this week as the people above us left their tap on and the sink flooded over and a bit of it dripped into our apartment but its all good now. After hearing your story again and your parents you can really be thankful for not owning a crane toliet..but wait i'm not sure what ours is. I'll have to check....

Love ya

ang said...

So you are coming out the 4th eh? do you think we could have time for a Ang birthday/bec anniversary dance off? I'll have to check my blog and see where's cool to go. :) Oh and the pedi's are only $5 more in the off season:) that would be a fun birthday time! Let me know if you'll have time.

Bec Shulba said...

wow. how do i check if i have a crane toilet. i vividly remember this story when it originally happened. how can you get ahold of luke now and give him this rant in person? if i were you, i'd be lookin for that phone number. haha.