Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's finally here.

Winter. It snowed for the past couple of days, and at first I thought it would just melt. But it hasn't... could this mean that I'm finally going to have to experience a REAL Canadian winter? Here's a picture of snow found on the internet... instead of the forest, imagine my house. That's what it looks like here. Today, I decided to pull a total west coast move and not drive at all because of the snow (even though I'd been driving in it yesterday). I spent the day watching Gilmore Girls on DVD (yes, possibly quite lame, but thanks rach!), and cleaning my house... it was very cosy. That's the nice part of snow, it makes you so happy to be inside. Well, when I did finally venture out to go for coffee, I decided to wear my winter coat and boots... even though it was probably overkill. It was NOT overkill, by the time I crossed the street I was cold, -16 degree windchill is A LOT worse than I remembered it.

Yesterday, in the snow storm (ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration), Rachel and I went and saw Marie Antoinette.

Dallas was out of town, and next week when James is here I've already made him promise to take me to see Borat (who else is psyched for that movie?), so it seemed like the perfect girly outing. It was exactly what I expected, very pretty to watch but with extremely sparse dialog. So much so that if you didn't know the story, it would be kind of hard to follow. Lucky for me, I'd read an article in vogue (of all places) a couple months back that was all about the life of M.A., so it helped to fill in details about a lot of the characters in the movie.

Tomorrow is my last day off this week, and I definitely have errands to run, so I'm going to have to go out into the gross, mucky world outside. Aren't I glad that I didn't take my dad's advice and kept my winter tires on all summer. Some may say it ruins your tires, but I was prepared when the snow hit.


ang said...

wow 2 posts in less then a week, I feel like I am being rewarded for checking 3 times a day

rachel s. said...

tremendous job driving in the snow, Alyssa! Also, I can't wait to see BORAT this weekend with you and JAMES! YAY JAMES!

Bec Shulba said...

man...i don't know if i can read your blog anymore...i just wish i was hanging out with you and rach. :) hey ang...when are we getting together so we can post about it?

Anonymous said...