Wednesday, October 04, 2006

wedding shmedding...

So last night at work I was talking to my friend Rob, who is getting married next August. He was talking about how crazy organized and on top of things his fiance is... the whole thing is pretty much planned! She's even designed, printed, and assmbled their invitations. There is nothing like hearing about someone like that to make you feel like you are failing as a bride. I haven't even looked into invitaitons at all! Or flowers, or cakes, or much of anything for that matter.

I'm not exactly feeling stressed about the wedding yet, but it's just that I'm not super keen to plan it at all. I like thinking about things in theory... but when it comes to putting it all together, I suck. And what's worse... every time I decide that some detail isn't that important to me, there is this little voice in my head saying "You only get one wedding, and if you don't do it right you will regret it for the rest of your life." So I'm left with this list of things that I feel I should care about...but don't really. Oh if only I could have a wedding planner to do it all, or a wife of my own to do the planning...that would be great.


ang said...

are you proposing to me?
cause yes, this weekend, I will plan your wedding :)

Alyssa said...


rachel s. said...

hey...I can help! What do you need? Do we need to go look at invitations? Wording? Seating charts? Ahh, my hint to you as well - send out the email NOW requesting current addresses for people...if you leave it too close to when you're trying to mail out the invites, it's too late!

So, my friend, have a fabulous time in Van, and we'll get on the wedding stuff once you get back!

xo R

Lynnie B said...

Hey Lyssa, so when you have conversations like the one you had with Rob, just remeber the other ones you have with me! You are doing great. No one really likes planning a wedding (or at least none of us sane people do) but it all gets done. And whatever doesn't, just isn't important. You have the place and the food and something for us all to sit on... I say you are 90% there :) Anyways, I love you girl, for not being all happy about the planning all the time. Makes me feel a little more normal. So, as much as I procrastinate making my own plans, if there is anything I can help you do.... just let me know.

Much love,


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