Monday, December 18, 2006

Are your parents home?

So I'm on some suckers list for charities, because I gave some money a year ago to some charity event. Now I'm so annoyed because I get 30 phone calls a day, and 80% of all mail that arrives at my house is from charities wanting money from me. I don't mind giving money, but I've now decided not to give to any charity that solicits money from me. I'll have to go to them. Well usually I screen all the 1-800 numbers that show up on my call display, but today for some reason I picked up. I say hello, and after a pause the woman on the phone goes "Is your mommy or daddy home?". After a pause I reply "No, I'm all grown up." Does my voice sound like a little kids and I just don't know it? She apologized by saying "you just sound SO young". Thanks. After that she wasn't getting anything from me for her little angels or whatever she was collecting for.

In other news, I had the strangest driving experience today. I'm stopped at this red light, when this cop car with lights flashing drives up and parks in the middle of the intersection. The cop gets out and motions to all of us stopped at the light to stay put. I look to the right and see there is another police car with his lights flashing, followed by an undercover cop car, with lights flashing, followed by: a hearse, 5 limousines, a coach bus, 30 other regular cars, with regular looking people in them, and another police car with lights flashing brings up the rear. While this caravan is passing, about 6 other police cars that are driving down the street on the wrong side come whizzing by, I assumed go ahead and stop traffic further down the street. Then, when they had passed, the first cop got back in his car, and drove off. So, what I want to know is, whose funeral was that? Who is so important that when they die they get the police to come shut down the roads for them. You want to know what the strangest thing was... the coach bus, following the limos... it was empty.


ang said...

hahah that is a weird driving experience! It must have been a cop for a firefighter or something who died, or maybe someone who died while working for the city, or a famous author or actress. Maybe they were expecting all the people in the cars to get drunk at the "after party" and need a ride home, hense the bus. That's my best solution to this weird situation.

Bec Shulba said...

was it empty? or was everyone in the bus ducking so you couldn't see them? you'll have to watch the news tonight to find out who's funeral it was. it was probably a scene in a tv show or something.

Anonymous said...