Friday, December 22, 2006

My Favorite Lurker

So this post is dedicated to my friend Eric, who I've found out reads my blog, but cannot comment (although that part is slightly suspect). I have been feeling a little down about blogging of late, because I felt like other than Bec and Ang, no one reads mine, basically it's been your run of the mill Christmas blogging pitty party. But finding out that I have a lurker of my own has made me excited once again to share the boring details of my life with the world... so thanks Eric.

So tonight I'm at work for the first of my three Christmas night shifts... oh man there are a lot of sweets here ... and we haven't even gotten to christmas eve when we are having an actual buffet. There are tim bits, cupcakes, candy canes, turtles (OK, I brought the turtles), chocolates, and a raw shrimp ring that was sitting out all day long. We tried to get our supervisor to throw them out, but he seemed to think that they were still good so they are in the fridge, a food-poisoning trap waiting for anyone who doesn't know any better than to eat raw shrimp out of a communal work fridge.

My family left town this morning, after arriving here yesterday morning. It was so fun having them in town, but it was also definitely a gong show and I don't really know how the next week of driving across the prairies will be for them. We spent almost all day yesterday at the West Edmonton Mall... shopping, and wandering around. Me and Max went on the roller coaster, which was a highlight... every time I think that maybe I've built it up in my mind and it's not as good as I remember, but it never disappoints. Of course Max, who has been a dare devil since we were little, was so calm. We're hanging upside down, and I'm screaming while he leans over to me and is saying, "yeah this roller coaster is really good". I guess once you've bungee jumped 30+ times, roller coasters are no longer that scary.

We went for dinner at daddy-o's on Whyte, and then went back to my place. We opened presents, then Max watched movies while my parents and I played San Juan, which my Dad totally won. I couldn't believe the crappy luck I was having that I couldn't even beat two first time players.

They left really quickly this morning because they had dinner plans in Saskatoon, and my Dad had to get on the road RIGHT AWAY. While he was running around, counting down the minutes until they had be out the door (and then the minutes they were late by), telling mom she didn't have time for breakfast, packing, or going to the washroom, I had a breakthrough. I get my Trip Nazi tendencies from my father! Anyone who has ever traveled with me (Lynn, Laura, James, Angela) knows what I'm talking about... it's a sickness and I'm trying to change... but at least I know where I get it from and that has to be one of the steps, right?


theRachel said...

yay for family. And FYI, I always read your blog. And I love it.

ang said...

I always look forward to your updates and check EVERY time I'm on the computer for a little glimpse into your life. I feel like you are so far away so by hearing your day to day stuff it makes you feel closer. I would not call you a trip nazi, all of my travels with you have been "very nice" (borat voice). In fact, next time you come over, I will treat you to the home video we made in our New York hotel. It is quite priceless and worth the five years in the vault for a proper unveiling!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (new years is one holiday where I miss you the most)

Bec Shulba said...

when you're linked to other peoples' blogs, you know you must have some lurkers. i'm sure my cousin joy must read your blog. haha. (hi joy) also, i can't believe that max has bungeed 30 plus times! AND when did you get san juan? good times. i most definitely wish you were going to be here over the holidays. missing you already.

Katie H. said...

Merry Christmas!!! I'm not the everyday lurker. In fact this is my first time, but I don't want you to think I'm spying.:)
I am missing all you girls this Christmas season.
Happy New Year!
Love, Ang's Mom

Anonymous said...