Sunday, September 16, 2007

False Creek Ferry

Well it turns out that the cute little ferry is the fastest and cheapest way to get from our house to Granville Island. We rode it yesterday with my parents, and let me assure you, it was a thrilling 2 minute ride. We then spent the afternoon wandering around Granville Island, drinking beer in the sun, and watching flamenco dancing at the fringe. And after it was all done, it was back onto the ferry and we sailed away home. Who knew that this the ferries weren't just for tourists?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My little garden (sort of)

Last weekend James and I decided to stop by our local garden store, what else, the urban garden. I have never been much of a gardener, mostly because I've never had a yard. But even growing up, I never spent much time helping my parents in the yard, unless it was picking rasberries, which was my favorite. But in the past couple years, possibly after hearing friends talk about their gardens, possibly because I've realized how much better tasting fresh veggies are, I've started to fantasize about having a garden of my own. Alas, I still don't have a yard, just a little deck, so the garden is still out of reach. But what is not out of reach is a little herb garden hanging off my railing. And our recent sucess with the hanging basket we got from my parents (sucess meaning we have had it for 2 weeks and it's still alive), gave me the courage last Saturday to walk into the Urban Garden and walk out with all the makings of an herb garden. After spending the afternoon re-potting and arranging my pretty new herb plants, I'm happy to report that so far all plants are still alive and accounted for, and hopefully they will stay that way. Hanging basket aside, my track record is not so great. I'm even taking my Dad's advice to talk to the plants, so morning and night I creep out to 'talk' to my garden. Not quite sure what to say to them, so I say the only thing I can think of. "Little plants, please don't die".

Saturday, June 23, 2007

new table

Yup, went antique shopping today and actually bought something! Wow does that make you feel grown up or what? But check out this crazy table we bought. It kind of makes me feel like it's going to attack me, but also I'm strangely drawn to it. James loves it obviously... maybe the spikes make it look manly? Anyways, here is the new table. Let me know what you think.

Friday, June 22, 2007

My first post as a married woman...

It's friday night. After dinner, a movie, a walk on the beach, and gelato, James and I have ended up back at our place testing martinis... is this what married life is always like? I hope so! I'm about to try my first gin gimlet (thanks Lynn and Bernice for the martini glasses, they sure do class up our drinking). I feel like the last two months have been a hectic blur, but slowly things are starting to settle down. Almost all the boxes have been unpacked (hurrah!), we have hung some pictures on our walls, we have ordered a new couch and chair (hurrah hurrah!), and perhaps most exciting of all... we have a BBQ. It's a crazy BBQ, and takes up 1/3 of our tiny deck, but there is nothing like eating food cooked over a fire to make you feel like it's summer. Good times.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm back! But you all knew that already...

Well it's been almost 2 weeks since I arrived in Vancouver, and I apologize for taking so long to post about it. The past couple weeks have been pretty crazy. The good news is that we can now walk around our house with minimal tripping over boxes, and I'm on vacation so the new job stress is temporarily on hold. Now there's just the little matter of the wedding being less than a week away. My rational side knows that it's all going to come together (how could it now when there are so many wonderful people offering their help?), but the other part of me feels like hyperventilating every time I think about it:) Oh well, that's all part of what a wedding is about, isn't it?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My trip to Vegreville

Today my friend Carmen took me on a cultural outing. We were off to see Vegreville, home of the worlds largest Pysanka (easter egg). It started with a trip to the local Ukrainian restaurant... can you beleive that I've been here almost a year and a half, and have never gone out for Ukrainian? Well, it was so good and I'm so sad that it took until my second to last week to find out where to go for perogies, sausage, and cabbage rolls. After eating as much cheesy goodness as we could, we hit the road. Well as it turns out, on the way to Vegreville, we were passing through Mundare... home of not only a famous sausage factory, but also a giant sausage. Yes, you heard it hear folks, there is a giant sausage on the way to the giant Easter egg. We obviously couldn't turn that down, so off we went to find it. As it turns out, it wasn't that hard to find... and really, as you can see for yourself, it's not that pretty.

With that cultural experience taken care of, we hit the road once again. Vegreville reminds me of every small prairie town I've ever been in. A super wide Main Street with hardly any stores along it, dusty roads, and a Co-op and a SAANs store (I didn't even know they were still around). But not every prairie town had a giant Pysanka, and this one made the hour drive from Edmonton worth while.

We hit up the Vegreville museum after, which was actually pretty fun. It had a old-time school room set up, along with this list of rules for teachers on the wall. I feel like two petticoats is a lot to wear, especially when you can't even get a ride home with your grandpa!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

shame on me...

So after posting about how people need to post more, I don't post for a week and a half. I am the worst of the non posters but at least it wasn't because I have been spending my time on Facebook. Last week I went to Vancouver for what was hands down my most hectic trip home to date. I was so exhausted by the time I returned to Edmonton...but the trip was a success. As I'm sure almost everyone knows, James and I found a place to live! Hurrah! It makes the move home (and the fact that I only have 23 days left in Edmonton) so much more real, now that I can picture where I'll be living. Since I've been back all I've been doing is work, work, eating cake, and more work (and shame... more eating cake).

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

where have all the bloggers gone?

OK, I know everyone is on facebook, or hiding from creepy anonymous posters, or giving up the addiction that is the internet... but I miss my (semi) daily updates of your lives! Sure facebook is fun, it's interesting to see what all the old high school people are up to. And sure, it gives you a burst of self esteem when one of your high school crushes who you didn't even know knew your name adds you as a friend (now you can all go look at my friends and guess who I'm talking about), but it's not the same as the blogs. It's not the same as reading your witty observations of day to day life. Or hearing about what is making you happy/sad/perplexed/bored/etc today... a little bit of the conversations we might get to have if we saw eachother more often. So I urge you, for the well being of those of us forced to spend hours on the computer... bring the blogging back.

Soon, perhaps I won't rely on the blogs quite as much, since I'll hopefully be seeing much more of you when I move back to Vancouver! It's just over a month away... I'm coming for a visit this week with the goal of finding the perfect apartment to start my married life in. I've been picturing it in my mind... a one bedroom plus den with a balcony on a quiet street. We have insuite laundry, a fireplace, and maybe even a dishwasher... and it's not underground. I'm hoping that by visualizing this perfect apartment, it will become a reality. I'll let you know how that goes:)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Free cable?

Well yesterday I accidently hit chanel 41 on my remote, a channel that I don't get... or so I thought. Turns out, I've got full cable all of a sudden! I don't know how long this has been going on for... the only thing I can think of is that when my upstairs neighbours got cable, they accidently gave me full cable too. But that was over a month ago... to think of all the movies I saw on the TV listings and thought " I wish I had that channel"... and the whole time I did, I just had never checked!

Yesterday I watched two episodes of Sex and the City on TBS, and it was great. But this afternoon, I found myself watching TLC and Slice, shows like 'Til Debt do Us Part' and 'Bringing Home Baby'. Really, 30 extra channels just means 30 times more crap to waste time on... with the exception of the odd movie or rerun of SATC. So the moral of this story is... I guess I'm glad that I haven't been paying for full cable all along.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring has sprung, I hope...

It's melting here like crazy, and you wouldn't believe the size of the puddle in my ally! I swear, one of these days when I drive through it, I might not come out on the other side, it seems that big. The funny thing about spring here, is now that the snow is melting I can see all the leaves on the grass that I never got around to raking last fall... so really, it feels like it's fall since the ground is covered in leaves... very confusing.

So I had big plans of posting some pictures from my trip to Mexico today... but when I tried to load them on my computer, iphoto crashed, and none of the pictures are there... but I think that they may have been erased from my camera... which would be pretty annoying. But in computer related news, I finally got facebook, apparently that's where everybody is. But getting facebook made me realize that I take so few pictures, I really need to be documenting my life better.

Friday, March 02, 2007

It's official...

April 30th, I report to the Vancouver office. I'm coming home! It's a huge relief to finally have a date, and to be able to start planning my move. And it's even earlier than I expected. Thank goodness they didn't want me to start May 18th... that would have been stressful.

Although I'm really glad to be returning to the coast, I'm definitely going to miss Jenny and Rachel, and the people I work with here. It's always a little scary when you leave a great workplace, like the one I have here, for the unknown. Throw in the stress of moving, on top of the stress of wedding planning, and the knot in my stomach is still very much intact. Things like this deffinitely show me that I am a huge worrier. My mom would tell me that it's the german in me. I need to learn to relax... so I'm going to try, and to focus on making the most of my remaining 57 days in the snow...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Here I am in Banff...

So my winter vacation has finally begun. James arrived last night, and today we drove to Banff. It's so nice to be in the mountains again! James is at a conference this weekend, so while he is busy listening to people talk about the physics, I get to relax in our huge hotel room. I'm really looking forward to doing some stuff around town tomorrow. I think it's been about 10 years since I've been in Banff in the winter. We're not going skiing, but maybe ice skating and the hot springs? I've been feeling pretty down about the never ending winter lately, but seeing the snow and icicles here in banff, among the mountains, well it makes me feel a little better about this wretched season.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I love Second Cup!

In many ways I'm very loyal to Vancouver. I still believe that 8 months of rain is better than 8 months of snow. I'd rather pay $300 000 for a condo by the ocean, than a house in the prairies. And I think my Tercel is a superior vehicle to a Ford pickup truck. But there is one thing about Alberta that I embraced almost right away... and that is Second Cup. Specifically the Second Cup by my house.

From the outside, it looks like any other chain coffee shop... but once you step inside you find yourself in a neighborhood gathering place. It's always packed with people visiting, reading, working, and studying. The walls are covered in posters for things going on around our neighbourhood, and there is something about the vibe there that feels so personal and comfortable. Never mind the fact that their coffee is great (I'm sorry, but I can't handle non flavoured Starbucks lattes anymore... is there even any espresso in them?), Second Cups have personality. No where is this more apprent than on Whyte Ave (Edmonton's attempt at Kits). You walk into the Starbucks, and you could be in any Starbucks. You walk into the Second Cup, and the pierced/tatooed baristas, the music that is definitely NOT light jazz, and the general dirtiness... well you could still be a lot of places, but it narrows things down. And that is why I love Second Cup.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I love yarn!

This may make me the biggest granny of all, but I guess it's no secret that I love to knit. It still amazes me how a series of little knots can add up to a toque, scarf, mittens, throw pillow, blanket, you name it. It's so satsifying to see the rows increase as you work, each stich putting you into a kind of trance that is often very hard to break. I've spent hours at work, in movies, and sadly even out with friends, where all I could think about was getting back to whatever project I was working on at the time. I'm working on my first pair of socks right now, and it's wild to think that a hundred years ago, women did this everyday, and because of them, their family stayed warm.

But lets get to the root of this obsession. Knitting would not be nearly as fun if it wasn't for the beautiful fibers that it brings into your life. I've been working with acrylic yarn forever, because I was poor and it was cheap, and even so I would go to the yarn stores and stare at the shelves of cashmere, silk, mohair, and wool... in every colour you could think of. I've recently started buying some of the nice stuff, and it does not dissapoint. I think that I've reached the point of no return, and oh this might get expensive, but I don't care. I love yarn!

Monday, January 29, 2007

what to do about readings...

So, on my night shifts this week, it's been wedding planning time. And tonight, I've been trying to look up readings to include in the ceremony. The only problem is that I haven't been to many weddings, so I can't tell if all the poems/readings I like are super cliched. So please help me! What are you sick of hearing at weddings?

The one poem that I love, love, love, was ruined for me by Cameron Diaz. She read it at her sister's wedding, in the movie In Her Shoes. So sad.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's been a while...

Where have I been? Well, I'm not really sure. I was in Vancouver last week, which was so great even though there was freaking snow on the ground! Really, I haven't been snow free since the beginning of October, and while I know this is how most Canadians live, it's driving me a little nutty. I can't wait to get away from snow, and ice, and dirty dirty cars. Seriously, my poor paint job... Alberta has ruined my shiny red car.

Back in Edmonton, I've been working a lot to make up for being away so much, and on my days off I've suddenly found myself really busy. Maybe it just feels that way because I've started knitting my first pair of socks, which I'm very excited about, and so anything else other than knitting just feels like a huge hassle. But actually, there does seems to suddenly be a lot to do for the wedding, now that it's just 100 or so days away. Three very exciting things happened this week, my dress came, I bought my veil, and the wedding invitation proofs arrived.

So since I was sick, then away, then working and busy on my days off, January is not turning into the stellar workout month I was hoping it would be. It didn't help that when I finally made it to the gym, my stupid workout plan told me to do 90 lunges, and so I couldn't walk for the next couple days, preventing further workouts. I have to say, I'm feeling a little panicky that I won't be ready for the triathlon. Yes, the triathlon I'm planning to do in August. Am I getting a little bit ahead of myself, do you think?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sun dogs

So I ended up working 49 hours this week, and now I'm sick on my weekend off. There is a lot of stuff I feel like I should go out and do today, but all I want to do is stay home and drink tea. It doesn't help that it's -15 outside, quite a bit warmer than a couple days ago, but still WAY too cold for a White Rock girl like me.

After the blizzard a couple days ago, it got really cold and we had lots of ice crystals. I'd never seen them before I moved here, but it's where it looks like it's snowing tiny flakes but there are no clouds. It happens when it gets really cold, and it's actually quite magical. It makes the air sparkle. It also makes for really great sun dogs. These pictures were taken at my work by a coworker of mine this Thursday.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Christmas Vacation

Well this was my first Christmas where I didn't go back to White Rock... it was very different, there's snow, I worked Chrismtas, and people had to visit me for a change. James has returend to Vancouver, and I guess it's time to go back regular life... but before I do, I thought I'd share some of what I did over my vacation.

I couldn't bring myself to buy a fake tree, and anything living dies very quickly in my dark basement apartment, so instead my book case was my tree this year. It did make things a lot more festive to have somewhere to put the presents.

My parents spent a day in Edmonton, and it was lots of fun having them stay over. Because I had to work the next night, and they didn't want to disturb me too much in the morning, they let me have the bed and all slept in my living room/dining room area. Apparently my fridge was so loud that in the middle of the night my dad almost unplugged it! But my mom stopped him... thank goodness. They left the next morning, and I worked for three nights leading up to Christmas.

On Christmas Day, James came to town! I picked him up at the airport and we went to Jenny and Ian's house for our first grown up Christmas Dinner. We had salmon with all the trimmings, and I have to say I don't care about turkey as long as there is stuffing. And there was SO much delicious stuffing... with no max to fight with I could have as muh as I wanted!
After dinner we ate desert and watched Elf, which I have to say is my new favorite Christmas movie (Buddy the elf, what's your favorite colour?).

We got home around 2am, but James and I decided there was no point in not opening presents right away, since we'd just get up first thing in the morning for them anyways... so we stayed up until 4am opening gifts. We also enjoyed the goodies Rachel sent us.

The rest of the time was pretty low key. We watched all of Freaks and Geeks (thanks Rach), which I had never seen before, and I loved! I worked 3 days, we visited with friends, and generally had a good time. It's always weird now, we've been apart for so long you start to wonder if you can handle almost two weeks straight together... but we didn't get sick of each other at all... so that's a good sign:) I can't wait until we don't have to say good bye anymore.

Here are some pictures of us out in the snow.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yes, it's been a while...

Christmas and New Years were great... although I was sort of working for both of them. James is still here so that's why I haven't posted... but right now he's playing guitar, so I figured that I would sneak in a quick note to say Happy New Year!

We're having a lot of fun, visiting friends, being very lazy and eating way to much baking. He goes home on Saturday, so after that I'll post more comments. Hey Bec, did you see James commented on your post about Tim's guitar?

Here are some pictures taken with my family on photo booth...good times.