Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Christmas Vacation

Well this was my first Christmas where I didn't go back to White Rock... it was very different, there's snow, I worked Chrismtas, and people had to visit me for a change. James has returend to Vancouver, and I guess it's time to go back regular life... but before I do, I thought I'd share some of what I did over my vacation.

I couldn't bring myself to buy a fake tree, and anything living dies very quickly in my dark basement apartment, so instead my book case was my tree this year. It did make things a lot more festive to have somewhere to put the presents.

My parents spent a day in Edmonton, and it was lots of fun having them stay over. Because I had to work the next night, and they didn't want to disturb me too much in the morning, they let me have the bed and all slept in my living room/dining room area. Apparently my fridge was so loud that in the middle of the night my dad almost unplugged it! But my mom stopped him... thank goodness. They left the next morning, and I worked for three nights leading up to Christmas.

On Christmas Day, James came to town! I picked him up at the airport and we went to Jenny and Ian's house for our first grown up Christmas Dinner. We had salmon with all the trimmings, and I have to say I don't care about turkey as long as there is stuffing. And there was SO much delicious stuffing... with no max to fight with I could have as muh as I wanted!
After dinner we ate desert and watched Elf, which I have to say is my new favorite Christmas movie (Buddy the elf, what's your favorite colour?).

We got home around 2am, but James and I decided there was no point in not opening presents right away, since we'd just get up first thing in the morning for them anyways... so we stayed up until 4am opening gifts. We also enjoyed the goodies Rachel sent us.

The rest of the time was pretty low key. We watched all of Freaks and Geeks (thanks Rach), which I had never seen before, and I loved! I worked 3 days, we visited with friends, and generally had a good time. It's always weird now, we've been apart for so long you start to wonder if you can handle almost two weeks straight together... but we didn't get sick of each other at all... so that's a good sign:) I can't wait until we don't have to say good bye anymore.

Here are some pictures of us out in the snow.


Bec Shulba said...

wow -- best alyssa post ever. lots of details with pictures to match. fantastic. i have so much to say, i'm going to have to send you an email right now.

Sharelle said...

i have to agree with ang - best post ever. i loved the pics - particularly the james blankey one.

ang said...

...I agree

Laura said...

Hi lyss!!

It was so great to hear about your holidays. We definately missed you greatly and yes Elf is the best Christmas movie ever! The last day before christmas holidays i subbed in a K class and we watched Elf all morning and i got paid for it...yeah:)

I'm sorry your present got there late but i hope you like it. Silling mail system...

anyways we're stranded in the snow. I was supposed to start my new job today but it was a snow day... hopefully not tomorrow:)

Tim said...

This post makes all other posts insignificant, inferior, and indispicable.

therachel said...

Ok Lys, think I missed this the first time - in the pic of James on the couch, is he actually clutching the plate of goodies I brought you guys? Too funny, if that is the case. Are we still on for the 24th or is it the 25th? Can be my place if you like!