Saturday, June 23, 2007

new table

Yup, went antique shopping today and actually bought something! Wow does that make you feel grown up or what? But check out this crazy table we bought. It kind of makes me feel like it's going to attack me, but also I'm strangely drawn to it. James loves it obviously... maybe the spikes make it look manly? Anyways, here is the new table. Let me know what you think.

Friday, June 22, 2007

My first post as a married woman...

It's friday night. After dinner, a movie, a walk on the beach, and gelato, James and I have ended up back at our place testing martinis... is this what married life is always like? I hope so! I'm about to try my first gin gimlet (thanks Lynn and Bernice for the martini glasses, they sure do class up our drinking). I feel like the last two months have been a hectic blur, but slowly things are starting to settle down. Almost all the boxes have been unpacked (hurrah!), we have hung some pictures on our walls, we have ordered a new couch and chair (hurrah hurrah!), and perhaps most exciting of all... we have a BBQ. It's a crazy BBQ, and takes up 1/3 of our tiny deck, but there is nothing like eating food cooked over a fire to make you feel like it's summer. Good times.