Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What I'm loving right now...

The OPI Spain collection. I really love OPI nail polish, but really has anyone ever finished an entire bottle? So when I saw this package of mini nail polishes I was sold. Still, when I got home I was feeling a little silly since these were probably none of the colours I would have chosen on my own. I forced myself to paint my toes with the bright pink (what I thought would be my least favourite colour), and much to my surprise I actually love it! Can't wait to try out the others.

Monday, August 10, 2009


It was rainy and cold today, the first time in a very long time ( I could tell you exactly how long but then this blog would be too much like my work), and I started to get excited about the fact that fall is just around the corner. September always reminds me of new beginnings, a new school year, new teachers, new school supplies, a new schedule to learn. Well, not for me for the past few years since my school days ended and I joined the 'real world'. And even though not going back to school in the fall has allowed me to discover how much I truly love the season, in a way that I couldn't when it was wrapped up with the anxiety of a new school year and the end of summer vacations and freedom, I still miss the change and excitement that comes from starting something new.

But not this year. This year, I DO get to start something new. Starting September and going until December it looks like I will be doing a different job at work, and this means no shift work for three whole months! And that means only one thing ... I can sign up for classes! I haven't even heard 100% that the job is mine yet, and already I've started signing up for things. I was already taking intermediate sailing classes on Saturdays, but now I've also signed up for a weaving for knitters class on Sundays. Plus there are french classes, cooking classes, spinning classes, exercise classes, oh my! So many different activities that I could never do because of my crazy work schedule are now open to me for three whole months. I think there a lot of things I'll miss about shift work, but the chance to sign up for classes again... this is going to be fun.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Back on the Bandwagon: An Update

So, right after I posted how whenever I watch too much of a TV show I start to sound like the characters, the following scene occurred in my living room.

And I must add that James and I have been watching multiple episodes of The Wire every night this past week. For those who don't know, the show is about a gang of drug dealers in Baltimore, and the cops who are trying to catch them.

James and Alyssa sit discussing the living situation of some friends.

J: Yeah, it's too bad that their parents are living so far away.
A: (Thoughtfully) Yeah, that's straight up unfortunate.
J Laughs at A for the next 20 minutes.
End Scene

My Morning Cup

My dad is a potter. When I was young, I never realized that it wasn't the norm to have cupboards filled with mismatched pottery made by your father and his friends. It started to sink in as I grew older, that other people had matching dish sets made uniform by machines, and I started to think that maybe I preferred it that way.

I remember once, asking my dad why on earth he had bought home yet another mug from some friends pottery sale when we could barely close the cupboard as it was. He told me that it was good for your health to have an emotional attachment to the dishes you eat and drink off of. That thinking kind and happy thoughts about the person who had created these mugs while he had his morning coffee was good for his heart.

That idea has stuck with me. Although I cannot afford a cupboard full of handmade stoneware at this point in my life, I treasure all the pieces I have... the casts offs from my parents, the wedding tea set from friends, and the few odds and ends we have bought ourselves.

This cup is my favorite. It was a Christmas gift from James to replace another cup he broke (although growing up with an abundance of pottery in a kitchen with hard ceramic tile floors means I don't get too broken up when things get, well broken up:) Anyways, this is my morning coffee cup. It was made by a friend of my parents who I don't really know, but I feel like the enjoyment I get from its beauty makes up for that. When I drink coffee in the morning from this cup, I feel like it's good for my soul.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Back on the bandwagon...

Back in April, I decided to start updating the blog again. I had the best of intentions, and even wrote a fairly long post for it, but one thing led to another and the post was never posted. Well, I just found it again... and it reminded me that Yes, I SHOULD start writing on my blog again. However, I am still the same lazy blogger that I've always been, so rather than starting with a fresh post, here's what I felt like sharing with you back on April 10, 2009.

Censoring the Status…

So, I've been noticing that my internal monologue is very heavily influenced by the the things I read/watch/hear. Maybe this happens to everyone, or maybe I'm just a natural imitator. I do tend to start sounding like the people I hang around with… which can be good or bad. When hanging around intellectuals makes me sound smarter than I am, good. When being around my husband and his goofy laugh makes me start to 'in-laugh' too, not so good. When hanging around anyone with an accent that I unconsciously adopt and then butcher, bad - and possibly insulting to other cultures. So the same thing happens with the thoughts that are constantly running through my mind. Like when I was watching WAY too much Sex and the City because my roommate had all the seasons on DVD, I found myself walking around thinking things like "In a city like Vancouver, I couldn't help but wonder… should I have tuna melts or take out sushi for dinner?"

Well lately, I have started to think my thoughts as status updates. Yes, facebook status updates are constantly running through my mind. You may find yourself thinking "What? She doesn't even update her status". It's true. And I'm not even on Twitter! But the reason I don't update my status is not that I can't think of what to say, it's that I'm constantly thinking of status updates and then censoring myself. Everything is either too boring/harsh/true/personal… it's a funny thing to phrase your thoughts as public announcements. And it's interesting how little I think in my mind that I'm actually willing to say out loud.

So, here are a few 'updates' I remember from over my lunch today that I don't mind sharing...

Alyssa is psyched to find out that a Tim's roll up the rim free coffee, means ANY SIZE YOU WANT!!!

Alyssa is amazed that the Spanish tourist thinks he can pay for his $2 soup with a US 100 dollar bill and get the change in American money. What country works that way?

Alyssa just remembered the Euro.

Alyssa is pretty sure that she's about to win the car from the roll up the rim cup she got…oh no, she just doubted it.

Alyssa did not win but feels OK with that.

Alyssa is regretting the extra large.