Monday, August 10, 2009


It was rainy and cold today, the first time in a very long time ( I could tell you exactly how long but then this blog would be too much like my work), and I started to get excited about the fact that fall is just around the corner. September always reminds me of new beginnings, a new school year, new teachers, new school supplies, a new schedule to learn. Well, not for me for the past few years since my school days ended and I joined the 'real world'. And even though not going back to school in the fall has allowed me to discover how much I truly love the season, in a way that I couldn't when it was wrapped up with the anxiety of a new school year and the end of summer vacations and freedom, I still miss the change and excitement that comes from starting something new.

But not this year. This year, I DO get to start something new. Starting September and going until December it looks like I will be doing a different job at work, and this means no shift work for three whole months! And that means only one thing ... I can sign up for classes! I haven't even heard 100% that the job is mine yet, and already I've started signing up for things. I was already taking intermediate sailing classes on Saturdays, but now I've also signed up for a weaving for knitters class on Sundays. Plus there are french classes, cooking classes, spinning classes, exercise classes, oh my! So many different activities that I could never do because of my crazy work schedule are now open to me for three whole months. I think there a lot of things I'll miss about shift work, but the chance to sign up for classes again... this is going to be fun.


theRachel said...

I've had a "regular" job (as in no school + later nights working at the bank) for over a year and only took one registered class (yoga) at the gym at my work last fall.

It was on Tuesdays and I was pretty unsuccessful at attending (for one reason or another) - I blame this partly on the fact that I ended up not really enjoying the particular class I had signed up for. Augh.

You are inspiring me to look into classes. That would be fun.

James said...

Alyssa is downplaying it, but the new job is actually a promotion. She'll be the Acting Director of Agriculture, or something like that. Though temporary, it's pretty sweet for my sugar mama.

Alyssa said...

No no, not the acting director of agriculture. That WOULD be impressive:) I will be the Acting Agricultural Specialist, affectionately referred to as the ASS... oh the jokes never stop!

Bec Shulba said...

woah! no shifts. that will be crazy. i love the list of all the classes you want to take. man, i wish i lived closer and we could go to exercise classes together. and today i was walking through zellers/walmart and the main aisles were packed with back-to-school stuff - i was loving it.

theRachel said...

Agriculture? I thought you were into weather. Hmm.

I can't wait to hear all about the promo. I'm also glad that this bodes well for James and his sweet benefits. Ha.

Speaking of James - I was watching Jeopardy tonight and there was a category on physics. I was pretty certain that James would've cleaned up.