Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My Morning Cup

My dad is a potter. When I was young, I never realized that it wasn't the norm to have cupboards filled with mismatched pottery made by your father and his friends. It started to sink in as I grew older, that other people had matching dish sets made uniform by machines, and I started to think that maybe I preferred it that way.

I remember once, asking my dad why on earth he had bought home yet another mug from some friends pottery sale when we could barely close the cupboard as it was. He told me that it was good for your health to have an emotional attachment to the dishes you eat and drink off of. That thinking kind and happy thoughts about the person who had created these mugs while he had his morning coffee was good for his heart.

That idea has stuck with me. Although I cannot afford a cupboard full of handmade stoneware at this point in my life, I treasure all the pieces I have... the casts offs from my parents, the wedding tea set from friends, and the few odds and ends we have bought ourselves.

This cup is my favorite. It was a Christmas gift from James to replace another cup he broke (although growing up with an abundance of pottery in a kitchen with hard ceramic tile floors means I don't get too broken up when things get, well broken up:) Anyways, this is my morning coffee cup. It was made by a friend of my parents who I don't really know, but I feel like the enjoyment I get from its beauty makes up for that. When I drink coffee in the morning from this cup, I feel like it's good for my soul.


theRachel said...

I don't think I was aware of Brent's reasoning behind the pottery collection before today. Thanks for sharing.

I also love buying mugs, and I am keen to collect them one at a time...my 3 favourites are as follows:

1. grey/red one from a potter in cannon beach, OR (purchased on our honeymoon)

2. tan with a dove from Lombok, Indonesia (hauled that, along with a tea set, all the way across that big old ocean)

3. brown & blue one from Medicine Hat...which I chipped while putting in the cupboard. Unlike you, I was sad...and disappointed in myself. I could almost hear Joanne saying, "Rachel, slow down!"

PS - I LOVE that you're blogging again.

Alyssa said...

Ha ha... I think from now on I might also hear Joanne's voice telling me to slow down whenever I break something:)

Bec Shulba said...

you have been my inspiration for beginning to enjoy pottery. i bought a bowl at a craft fair at christmas. unfourtunately it's still in my closet with the price tag on it. maybe when you come over next, you can use it to stage my house. (my personal "on the bandwagon": i've been watching a lot of HGTV)