Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some thoughts...

I flew to Edmonton yesterday for a job interview. Then I flew home that evening. When I was getting on the plane in the morning, I noticed a small rip in my seat. And on the return flight, there it was again! I sat on the same seat, on the same plane both ways! Crazy. Also, it was very strange to be in a different city, just for one day. Had it been any other city, I would have felt like quite the jet setter ( ha ha). But it was worth it just to get to have burgers with Rachel and Dallas. I wish my work would pay for that more often.

So while I was flying, I was of course watching TLC. Here are some of my new reasons for wishing we had more than basic cable.

~ My Monkey Baby (What? And furthermore, WHAT?)
~Toddlers and Tiaras (The little kid pageant has a bathing suit section?!? What is wrong with the world???)
~Tiara King (Because one beauty pageant show wasn't enough.)
~Cake Boss (Scary big guy makes beautiful cakes, enough said.)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed we get a plane with TVs for our flight to Montreal this weekend!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A new hobby

... or a twist to an old one. I'm taking a Weaving for Knitters class and today was the first day. After a couple hours at the yarn store and maybe 30 minutes at home, my scarf is done! Wow, they were not joking when they said this was fast. If only I knew how to get the scarf off the loom, I could be starting my second scarf by now, but I guess I'll have to go do the chores I planned on avoiding all day in favour of sitting on the deck with the loom.

And in other news, I finally broke down and bought a 'tree' for my jewelry and organized my dresser. And just in time for my beautiful Stella and Dot stuff to arrive. I meant to take before and after shots of my dresser to show what an improvement this was, but I forgot. But trust me, this is WAY better. I find that I'll get excited about fixing up little corners of my place, but then quickly loose steam and forget about it (which is why our TV is still sitting on an old, gross, microwave stand). So I'm posting this picture to remind myself how nice it feels to take an ugly corner and make it something you enjoy looking at.