Wednesday, November 04, 2009


So remember this post about my new Senioritas?  Well I finally got around to using the colour Suzi Skis the Pyrenees a few weeks ago, and it's my new love.  It looks like black in the bottle, but once you get it on it's this very dark matte, grey.  I love how OPI nail polish always has such depth.  Anyways, I've been wearing it the past couple weeks, and today as I was arriving at work a woman I work with commented to me 'Oh, you're still wearing your Halloween nail polish'.  I replied 'Nope, this is my everyday'.  She's quite a pulled together, stylish woman.  Perhaps that was her polite way of telling me almost black nails are not work appropriate?  If it was, I definitely chose to ignore that message.  Super dark nails at work make me feel a bit rebellious, which I am so not.  Like 'by day I'm a buttoned down meteorologist,  but by night...', well you get the picture.

Here is the lovely polish, with my horrible, chipped manicure.  And if you think doing self-photographed hand modeling is easy, you should think again.  There were many, many botched attempts before I got this gem.  Ha!

In other news, I'm on the fast!  The shopping fast to be precise.  No going into stores (much), and no buying any clothes for the month of November!  To help with this I actually started leaving my credit card at home when I got work so as not to be tempted on my way home.  I'm a nut job.  Funny thing is, shopping is all I can think about but only because I've told myself I'm NOT allowed to shop.

Instead of shopping, I have been reading about shopping.  Healthy choice, right?  Well remember these shoes?  I had decided to return them, only to realize that Winners only has a 10 day return policy.  What the what?  So I was feeling kind of sad about that, since they're sandals and it's winter.  Then I stumbled across this pic in one of my reader recommended blogs A Cup of Jo.  Tights.  What a great idea!  Now I just need a skirt...

From's Six Perfect Outfits for Fall


theRachel said...

Ohhhh Alyssa, you make me laugh. Hey, even though Winners has a 10 day return policy, I believe you can still get store credit if you return it after those 10 days.

Perhaps we can look for a skirt when I'm in town? Ha. Look at me trying to sway you.

Love the colour, by the way.

Bec Shulba said...

so i thought, mid-read, why doesn't she just buy tights to go with her sandals? and then you thought of it...and i love the combo. AND i was going to post the exact same words as rachel about winner's return policy. i'm always happy with credit. :)

great post.