Sunday, January 03, 2010

Feeling inspired

Yes, new year, new inspiration.  Now that the holiday hoopla is behind me, I feel the need to direct my energy to some new projects.  Of course, I have several knitting/weaving projects lined up to start now that I've finished making Christmas presents.  Actually, quite a few, probably too many... but not to worry now.  Now is the time for setting even more goals for myself than can realistically be completed by a person who is, let's face it, a little bit lazy.  But I am feeling like trying some projects in areas of my life other than yarn-related pursuits, so here we go.

First, I would like to have this bedroom ( photographed by Eric Roth and posted on desire to inspire).

I like how simple and un-fussy this is, but the real reason I feel like trying to recreate this bedroom is because we sort of already have all the elements.  OK, we don't have the cute window, or the wooden slat walls (and renting our place means no chance of matching either, or the paint colour for that matter).  But, we do have a cream quilt in storage, a wrought iron bed, and a standing lamp.  Our bedroom right now is a zero on the style scale, because we really haven't tried to make it look nice.  But perhaps this is the year when we put a bit of effort into it, and maybe even get some new dressers to go with this look.

I would also like to learn some new recipes.  This one is kind of a given to happen, because I'm a bit of a  recipe book/food website junkie, and I often like to try new things.  But what I'd really like to learn is a few more Japanese home cooking style dishes.  I found this recipe for Okonomiyaki, or Japanese pancakes and it seems like as good a place to start as any.  Lucky for me, Vancouver is a pretty easy place to find Japanese ingredients.  I should learn to use them a little more.

Another reason for looking for new recipes is that one of the new years resolutions I forgot to mention is that I want to stop cooking with meat.  Even though the Okonomiyaki recipe above calls for bacon, I'd just skip over that part.  I'm not interested in becoming a vegetarian because I would find it a too restrictive, and let's be serious, I'm not really cut out for restrictive diets.  I will still eat meat at restaurants and other peoples homes.  But I've never really liked cooking meat (too much trouble, too much mess, and I have a secret fear of poisoning people - also why you'll never find me canning beans).  And as part of trying to be a bit greener this year, James and I figured this would be a good place to start.  It was funny, reading the paper today I came across this article in the globe and mail.  I guess Leah McLaren is feeling the same way - especially after she did poison her guests. Yikes!

And finally, because I have not yet managed to break away from my shopping ways, I'd really love to get a pair of cute moccasins like these from Penelopes.

So, I guess strictly speaking this is not a project for the new year.  But aren't they cute?  And I'm sure I'd be more inspired to come up with a few more ideas while wearing these.


Bec Shulba said...

love the bedroom. wow - no cooking with meat - this is an interesting feat. i bet katie could give you a few recipes. :) and did you see my chickpeas and pasta recipe on the way to go.

Anonymous said...

oh man, I love love love desire to inspire! How long have you checking out their stuff! I get loads of great ideas from their site! The pictures are so fun to look at!

Alyssa said...

Ever since I found out about it from your blog! Thanks for the great tip:)

theRachel said...

How's the no meat thing going? I admire you for your efforts to do this...