Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some things about myself...

Hi friends!

Sorry for the 10 day (eep) absence from blogger-land.  For anyone who's still checking/caring about where I've been, I was swallowed up by the work monster.  My crazy January schedule has long stretches of time off, followed up by intense spurts of working.  It was because of this that I found myself working 60 hours in 5 days last week.  And because I was not accustomed to working that hard, 48 hours in I ended up with a cold.  Lucky for me, lots of rest + cold FX (Does anyone else feel like this stuff is amazing?) and I'm on the mend.  I even managed to go out and enjoy the sunshine yesterday, then check out Sherlock Holmes (huge girl-crush on Rachel McAdams and general love of Robert Downey Jr.), and end the night at the Ukrainian Village restaurant which I've been meaning to check out for years (perogies and cabbage rolls yum!).


So, a little while back Bec nominated me for a beautiful blogger award.  Thanks Bec!  It was very nice of her, and as part of this I'm supposed to share 7 things about myself that you might not know.  It's hard to think of 7 things but here we go...

1. Though I'm conflicted about the amount of money being spent on the Games, and I like to grumble about how inconvenient things will be, I'm actually pretty excited for the Olympics.

2. The first section of the paper I read is the style section - does that make me shallow?

3. I've recently re-discovered my love of Tetris and Mine Sweeper.

4. I once suggested naming our future children Buffy and Xander.  And was only 70% joking.

5. I don't really like Shakespeare.  There, I've said it.

6. I have only been to two opera performances in my life, but I cried both times even though I didn't know what the heck was going on.

7. I have never jumped off the high diving board.  Wuss.

As the second part of this I'm supposed to share some of my picks for Beautiful Blogs.  So, here are a few that I've been really enjoying lately:

Jimmycorp (Of course I had to give a shout out to my husband!  I don't think he'd mind being called beautiful)
A Cup of JO (For all the lovely places/people/things she posts about)
camp comfort  (For the great clothes)
ellenitza (For the way she takes pictures of her outfits all the time)
Farmama (For the glimpse into a way of life so different from my own)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE cold fx! I swear they have saved me from sickness for the last 1.5 years. I used to always get sick and now I don't because whenever I feel something coming on I just pop one of those baby's and I'm good to go.

Bec Shulba said...

reading the style section of the paper first doesn't make you shallow - it makes you stylish.

theRachel said...

I also have a may-jah girl crush on Rachel McAdams. And I love playing Tris on my iPhone. This is why we are friends.

And the Style section of the G & M...yet another reason why our friendship has endured. I love that we can chat about what Leah McLaren had to say ;-)