Monday, January 23, 2012

4 months 13 days

Dear H,

Sometimes I'm caught off guard by how big you are getting. This usually happens when I'm in a group with other babies and I notice the newborns, how tiny and otherworldly they seem, and I'm struck by what a little boy you are. When did that happen?

You're no longer a lump in my arms. Your neck is getting so strong and suddenly all these things I was waiting for are happening. You're sitting up on my lap, I can put you on my hip and hold you with one hand, and airplane rides (the kind me and daddy give you) are met with squeals of laughter not a sad wobbly head. I think you're liking this new vantage point on the world. Sure you still love your play mat, but now you'd rather sit in the bumbo and stare down at the toys.

In other news you've discovered your feet! During diaper changes when they are liberated from your socks you stare at them intently in the same way you stared at your hands many weeks ago. Your hands inch up your legs, and I can almost hear your thoughts, "how can I get that in my mouth?" I can't blame you though, it's all I can do not to eat them either. Imagine my surprise when I looked down and found you holding your foot for the first time! Of course if mommy tries to help you by placing a foot in your hand this is met with giggles. But nothing makes you laugh like taking off your onesies. I think you might be a ticklish little guy.

You are taking to us all the time these days. Sometimes in coos, or your trademark 'hnn dee dee dee', but lately it's been a lot of very loud 'rrraaarrr'. I don't know if you are trying to tell me you are frustrated or want something, or if you just love the sound of your voice and want to hear it loud. You are a charmer though, making friends everywhere we go by smiling sweetly at anyone who will pay you some attention.

I know I say this all the time but I'm amazed how quickly you are changing and growing. We put your bassinet away the other day and lowered your bed in the playpen. I loved having you as my sweet tiny baby but I have to say, I find the sweet little boy you're becoming pretty irresistible too.

Love, momma


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