Friday, January 20, 2012

Accidental Rookie Moms Challenge

Have you ever heard of the Rookie Moms blog? Well they have this challenge where every week there is an activity that you need to try to accomplish as a way of forcing new parents to venture out into the world. I thought it sounded like fun and totally planned to try it out. Then I had a baby. I actually haven't even gone back to look at this challenge since he's been born. 99.9% of my internet-ing happens on my iPhone so if something doesn't just pop up on my google reader, it's a huge pain to go looking for it.

Well one of the Rookie Moms just had a baby and did a little round up of how she'd done with the challenge, which gave me the opportunity to see how I had (inadvertently) done on it as well.

  1. Pretend you’re in Europe - Pretty much every day I venture out for my two favourite vices. Ah caffeine and sugar, you're a sleep deprived new mom's best friend.
  2. Grab a buddy to go on a recon mission. - OK, not really. I have become the kind of person who nurses and changes her baby almost anywhere. But I guess I try to notice where the bathrooms are and if they have change tables... so I'll give myself this one.
  3. Join or start a new mom’s group. - Yup! Before baby I signed up for this Motherhood Unfolding class because I knew I wanted to meet some other moms in the area. Luckily they all turned out to rock and we  meet weekly for lunches and crafting. It's been wonderful connecting with other moms who know what's happening around my place, and as a bonus I bump into these ladies all over town which makes me feel like I'm part of a community for the first time since I've lived in Vancouver.
  4. Visit a fabric store with your sidekick - Last weekend with my mother in law. For my next challenge I will go by myself (and the babe of course).
  5. Go to the grocery store for just one thing. For just one thing? How about for a dozen things and make this every day.
  6. Paint your baby’s feet for posterity. - Checked this one off thanks to my dad who helped me when H was only two weeks old. 
  7. Take a postnatal yoga class, with your baby. We go every week to the mom and baby class at Semperviva. It's great but lately I've been wanting to do more yoga and H has been wanting to do more crying and being held.
  8. Get a pedicure. Yes, and I feel like I should go back for another before H becomes a mover. I may only see them at yoga and in the shower these days but painted toe nails make me feel so much more together.
  9. Go to a mom and baby movie.  Check and check. We've gone to two so far, Sherlock Holmes and Moneyball.
  10. Plan a mom’s night out. Nope, giant fail. And I don't see this one happening until H is off to college, or you know at least eating some solids and less of a boob-aholic.
  11. Visit a friend or spouse at work.  Yup, been to visit friends at work twice and to James' work once.
  12. Enjoy modern art. Nope.
  13. Make a Modern Family photo. Nope and no thanks.
So all in all not too bad for someone who wasn't even trying. But the babe's up and it's time to pretend we're in Europe so I'm off!


Megan Thiessen said...

I like that you're blogging again! I enjoy reading your adventures as a new mom. I'd love to have you & Hux over sometime soon that would work for you. You're doing a great job!

theRachel said...

I also love that you're blogging again...maybe it will be the kick in the pants for me to do the same? No promises, though!

Have fun in Europe! Hope to visit there soon, with you & Hux! Maybe for some of those delicious treats from the Italian place?