Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We held off giving H a soother when he was born because I'd had some issues with breastfeeding and didn't want to add anything else to the mix that might cause problems. By the time we tried to give him one around three weeks he was no longer interested. It was frustrating for a bit, I wished we had something to help him sooth himself, especially in the car where he would always throw a giant fit. When he first found his hands he sort of sucked on his entire fist and I thought maybe that would help him, but then he sort of lost interest and I forgot about it. I figured he was done with needing to suck and we moved on.

Well in the past couple days he has started up again, and not this sucking on a whole fist or a few fingers thing. No this is real thumb in mouth, index finger curled around nose, thumb sucking. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Every time I see him do it I flash forward to seeing him as a five year old starting school and still sucking his thumb. Is this going to be a habit we have to work to break someday? A thumb is not as easy to take away as a soother. But the thing is... thumb sucking = napping! Every nap today I put him down (I. Put. Him. Down... People do you understand the significance of this?) and he cried for a minute or so, then found his thumb and sucked himself to sleep.

So I'm torn. I'm psyched out of my mind that he may have found something to help sooth himself and nap out of my arms (that kid is getting heav-y) but  I wonder if someday I'll look back and rue the day he ever became a thumbsucker.


theRachel said...

I sucked my thumb until I was in kindergarten (ish) - maybe it was grade 1? My parents never made a huge deal of it, except that I did have a dental appliance for awhile that was supposed to deter the thumb sucking...but it kept falling out. I stopped sucking my thumb shortly after that - wasn't a big deal. After reading this blog I'm curious to ask my mom what age I was when I started sucking my thumb!

Alyssa said...

That's good to know. I find it so interesting, it really does seem to mellow him out. Do you remember doing it?

theRachel said...

I have recollections of sucking my thumb, but only quite vague. I don't think my parents were really too concerned about the thumbsucking, as I can't recall being made to feel bad about it or whatever, but more concerned for what it could do to my teeth - at least that's how they spun it!