Thursday, February 02, 2012

A day in the life...

Someday I'm sure I'll look back and ask myself what many people have asked me, how did I ever pass the time while I was on mat leave? It's hard to explain how time feels to me these days. It's like the hours are short but the minutes are long. Anyway, here's an example of a fairly typical day, which just happened to be last Tuesday.

7 am - Wake up to the sound of H fussing. My first thought is 'why won't this kid let me sleep?'. Then I look at the clock, oh that's why. My new rule is if H wakes before 6 am, we stay in the room and go back to sleep, 6 - 7 I try to get him back to sleep but if he insists on being awake, oh well. After 7 I'll get up (almost) right away. This morning it's option C so up we get.

Since H has started getting up earlier I've given myself a pass on being entertaining first thing in the morning. I used to wake up singing but that was at 9 am. At 7 you get a diaper change, dressed for the day, and some time on the play mat while I make my decaf tea ( since I'll be going back to bed soon) and some toast. We hang out in the living room and lately I'll read the globe and mail out loud. Just because you're a baby it doesn't mean you can't take an interest in current events.

8:15 H is getting cranky and my tea is gone, time for our nap. H nurses to sleep while dad gets ready, then as he takes off and I lay down for my nap.

10:00 wake up. Longest nap ever! Since we've started taking this nap together H has started going down for much longer. This time I'll be fun. We sing, read books, go for airplane rides and play with toys. I also make sure to eat a real breakfast. Mom needs food!

11:30 Nap again, fusses a bit and puts himself to sleep! It feels like lately something is shifting in H's sleep routine and I no longer feel very confident that I know when to put him down for naps. Now that he's sleeping a bit longer, does he really need to go down every 90 minutes, or can I stretch it longer? It turns out that parenthood (at least these first few months) is just trying to get your kid to sleep. Maybe there's 10 minutes of enjoying their company while awake, but the rest of the day if they are awake you are trying to make them sleep.

12:15 He's up! This is a much more typical nap for H, 30-45 minutes. We play, mom has lunch (need more food!)

1:00 Out the door! It's amazing how important this part of the day is to me. Where we're going changes from day to day, but I really need to get out of the house at least once a day or I go crazy sauce.

2-3:30 Today we meet some friends for a mom and baby singing class. Pre-baby I used to think I was someone who knew the lyrics to a lot of songs, but try remembering those lyrics when you're sleep deprived. My renditions of 'itsy bitsy spider' and 'you are my sunshine' are getting a bit old, so I'm excited to learn some new songs to sing with the little man.

3:30-5 It's pouring rain, the busses are packed and we're on our way home! Since having H I drive everywhere, but there is still the occasional place in the city where taking the bus seems like the easiest transit option. At least today I don't have my stroller, much easier to handle transit with the baby in the ergo. H naps on and off on the bus ride and while I walk down the drive to pick up some dinner and browse in some shops. Today I am good and only buy dinner.

5-6 We're back home and waiting for dad to get home. I always feel a bit sad for James that he only gets an hour or so with H every day, and that hour is in the evening when things are a bit touch and go. It's tough being the working parent.

6:45 A fussy baby = time for bed. We start his bedtime routine which involves a diaper/outfit change, a baby massage, a book and a nurse. H always goes to sleep so easily after this, but he'll be up in 40 minutes or so. For the following two hours he'll wake up quite often. We let him fuss on his own, but when the cries start to build in intensity we go in to help him go back to sleep. By 9 pm or so he'll be out for the night, which means out for a few solid hours of sleep. But we'll take what we can get!

And another day is done.


Megan said...

It's so true about the hours feeling short but the minutes feeling long. I hear ya. And I agree about needing to get out of the house each day. I think it's good for both mom & baby.

You're doing great Alyssa!

Bec Shulba said...

"a day in the life" is a great thing to write about every few months to see how things change - this sounded like a pretty good day. :)

theRachel said...

I LOVE that you read the newspaper aloud to Hux - what a lucky guy!