Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sewing project #3 - DIY Nursing Cover

When H was a couple weeks old we attempted our first restaurant meal. Of course H wanted to eat as well as soon as my hot breakfast was placed in front of me. As a very new mom, nursing my baby in public was not easy, and was made even more awkward by the teeny tiny nursing cover I had. I managed to make it through the meal, but on the way home I stopped at my local kids store (where I have spent A LOT of money) and handed over my credit card and said "Give me something decent to nurse under". And so I ended up with a Bebe au Lait nursing cover which was nice and roomy and worked great for nursing in public in those places where I, brand spanking new mother that I was, wouldn't have felt comfortable any other way.

Well the other day I returned home from a lovely walk to find I'd lost my nursing cover. It must have blown off the stroller in a strong gust of wind, and don't even ask me how it was possible for me to not notice a giant piece of fabric flying off my stroller. So here was my problem, we were already almost 5 months in, do I buy another one? Lately I've been using it less and less, and to tell you the truth H doesn't love having his head covered up while eating, which I mean, I can't blame him. We've both gotten a lot better at nursing, and with the right outfit and a scarf on I don't think anyone can even see anything and even if they do, most of the time I just don't care. So 90% of the time I don't need a cover, and for the other 10% I could just throw a blanket over us. And after checking craigslist to see that those covers still sell for $30 used (oh the resale value... I'm so mad I lost mine!), I decided that no, I will not be getting myself another cover. Sigh, another motherhood 'necessity' has become obsolete... this is all happening too fast!

But anyway, back to the point of this post. As fine as a blanket is, it's still nice to have that strap around your neck for the times when your baby decides to break out the ninja moves and you'd really rather not slip the nip, so in a stroke of genius I decided to google 'DIY nursing cover'. I found a ton of tutorials, and even better, they didn't require any sewing skill beyond my 'can sew a hem, badly, and that's it' level. AND even better, I already had some left over fabric, so all it required was a trip to the sewing store for such exotic items as 'boning' and 'd-rings'. $2.60 and one evening later... ta da! I made my own nursing cover!

Does this fabric look familiar? Yup, it's from H's curtains. How Von Trapp of me:)

And for the record, I'm choosing to focus on how I saved myself $40 this time, rather than on the fact that I should have done this back in August and saved myself the original $40+tax on the first cover. So, go me!


Megan said...

that looks great Alyssa! I love the fabric & your von Trapp reference:)

Alyssa said...

Thanks Megan! Now I just need to wear it while singing and twirling in an alpine meadow to get the full SOM effect:)

theRachel said...

Go you, indeed. You are one of my heroes!