Sunday, March 25, 2012

Date night!

After 6 months of staying home with the baby James and I finally had a proper date. My parents came to babysit and we went out for dinner at Havanas on the Drive and then to a party at a friend's house for some dancing. Even though we had to stop by the house mid way through the date and were home by midnight it was a huge success. So fun to wear lipstick and heels and go out with my man. And after posting about all the comfort clothes I've been wearing I thought I should post some photographic evidence that I'm still capable of getting a little dressed up.


Megan said...

midnight?! I'd say that's a late night, there's no way I could stay up that late. Good for you guys.

theRachel said...

You look GREAT!!! Glad to hear things went well!