Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mom Jeans Part Three

Here's the final installment of my favourite new/nursing mom clothes (here's the first and second). I realize it's a bit indulgent to think that anyone cares about what I've been wearing. And does anyone care enough for this to warrant a three part post? Well the answer to that is I'm sure no, but this post just kept getting longer and longer and if there's one thing more annoying than a three part post about the lounge wear that a new mom likes, it's a super long post about the lounge wear that a new mom likes (at least in my opinion that is). So to round things up, here are my final two picks.

5. Padraig slippers

See previous post re: cold. And you should also know that when my feet get cold, I get upset. Last year I kept buying cheap slippers, which a) did not keep my feet warm and b) were trashed in weeks. I think I must have spent over $50 on my various crappy slippers. So inspired by my friend Rachel (Again! That girl has good taste) I invested in a pair if Padraig slippers. I love that they are local, all natural and soo cozy. They have prevented many a cranky mommy episode by keeping my feet happy through this winter.

As an aside, I see babies wearing these slippers all the time and I always want to rush up to them and say, 'I have the same slippers! Don't you love them?', but then I remember they are babies. H has a pair that I can't wait for him to grow into, they will be perfect for when he's running (running!) around next winter.

6. Flannel

Do you remember back in 1994 how we used to wear those oversized flannel shirts? I think mine must have been hand-me-downs from my dad. I loved them. And well past the time when they were cool to wear, they were my go to outfit for around the house. Especially in the morning when I was getting dressed for school. You see, I'm a bit clumsy. And when I'm tired, I'm really clumsy. And too often my school outfit would get messed up before I left the house. One day it occurred to me that my huge men's flannel shirts would fit over my good clothes and I could leave the house without peanut butter smeared down my shirt or toothpaste on my sleeve. But little did I realize that my parents assumed that I was actually wearing those worn out plaid shirts to school, a discovery I made when I overheard my mom talking about my lack of fashion sense to a friend of hers. I assure you this was quite horrifying to my 16 year old self.

Anyway, when I was browsing in a vintage shop by my house this past fall, I remembered how great those shirts used to be and found myself drawn over to a rack of them. I took home a very cozy red plaid and have been slowly amassing a few flannel clothing items since, including a plaid flannel shirt dress from Aritizia. It was marked down $100, so it only cost me $40 and a bit of dignity when the snotty sales girl assured me that the small (which was the largest size they had left) would not fit me.  I took my chances (it was final sale and I had the babe with me thus preventing any trying it on and rubbing it in her face when it did fit. Sort of. Well I made it work). Loving the grunge revival going on these days.

Me and my favourite men's plaid shirt. Oh and that's a Henley under there as well. And I guess that baby's kind of cute too.
So that's what I've been living in. I have to say though, as the days get longer and warmer I'm wondering what to wear while nursing in the summer. Any experienced nursing mamas out there have any advice?

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