Friday, March 16, 2012

Mom Jeans Part Two

Continuing with my countdown of my favourite new/nursing mom clothing items, winter edition (the first couple items are found here):

3. Henley shirts

Orange Henley from H&M

Ahh, the Henley. Where would I be without you? In the weeks after H came home with us I bought not one but 5 Henley shirts and it's no exaggeration to say that I've baisically been living in these since then. I know in theory that any shirt could be lifted up to nurse, but I just don't have the patience for that. I much prefer the easy access of henleys when paired with a nursing tank underneath.

4. Sweaters
My favourite sweater this winter - don't let H's face fool you, he loves it too.

Specifically cardigans and sweater coats. Our house is cold. And even though we gave in and cranked the heat to 20 degrees (ensuring that upstairs reached at least 16 deg) I was still reaching for something to warm me up. In the past lounging at home always meant sweatshirts, but cuddling a soft baby made me shy away from anything with zippers. I mean, can you imagine how gross it would feel to have you face mashed into a zipper while you nap? So sweaters it is.

As a side note, since all H has known is our cool house I think his internal thermostat is set for that. He never seems cold in our place but whenever we go somewhere that's a bit warmer he's cooking! His cheeks get flushed and I end up stripping the layers off him. It's too funny.

For Rebecca - this pic kind shows my rain coat a bit better, as per your request. Also please note that I'm tromping through a puddle. This one was huge!

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Bec Shulba said...

love the coat...i want it. but i'll resist buying the exact one as you...promise. ;)