Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shorts take two!

What do you do when the sun finally peaks out and reminds you that spring is on its way? If you're me, you dress your baby in rainbow bright leggings and the new wool soaker shorts you knit him! 

I knit these using a wool soaker pattern found on ravelry and Galway worsted yarn bought from Baaad Anna's. The super helpful sales girl there helped me pick it out, and it's 100% wool so very absorbent but also maybe a bit scratchy. H didn't seem to mind too much, but in future soakers I think I'll use some softer yarn for the waistband and legs. I just couldn't help myself this time because I loved this colour combo soo much, and my good friend Elizabeth Zimmerman says that if you dress a baby in wool from when they're little then they won't complain about it when they get older... it's all us softies who are used to fleece and such that find real wool scratchy. So we shall see. 

So taken was I by my new wool diaper covers that I went out and bought a bunch of prefold diapers in the next size up (H was just about grown out of the original prefolds I bought him), totally disobeying my 'do not buy any more cloth diapers' rule. So I guess I need to keep making them. I'm contemplating trying to upcycle some sweaters into diaper covers which is a much scarier proposition for me since it involves the sewing machine instead of my trusty needles. But seriously, how cute are these? I'll keep you posted.

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theRachel said...

Ha ha, I was all, "Elizabeth Zimmerman who?"