Sunday, April 29, 2012

6 more sleeps...

... and I'll be here! Venice Beach, CA. I'm SO SO ready for some sunshine. 

In the meantime there's the small matter of getting ready for a trip with a baby. I feel like we've had a lot of practice, as this will be our third trip in a month, but this time we're bringing everything, AND we only have the two of us grown ups. I'm prepared for the trip down to be very stressful, but somehow I don't care. I'm just really looking forward to a proper vacation. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well we're back home after a trip to Saskatchewan for my grandmother's 90th birthday. I always joke that I wish I had family in some place more glamourous than Saskatchewan. You know, somewhere with palm trees and a beach? But alas, all my trips to visit family take me to the flat and dry prairies. The weather was cr-azy. 3 degrees when we arrived and 25 degrees when we left, and everything was pretty dry. Still, spending hours driving across the flat landscape I was reminded how beautiful it can be. The sky is just. so. big. And the meteorologist in me was psyched that we got at least one thunderstorm.

There's also something about going 'home'. Though I've never lived there, both my parents are from towns two hours apart in southern Saskatchewan (Assiniboia and Swift Current). My dad comes from a pretty big family, and it's strange to be some place where you're related to so many people. On the flight over a couple struck up a conversation with us, and upon hearing that we were Gloecklers wanted to know if we knew Dave Gloeckler. Yup, that's my uncle. Coming from the coast for summers when I was a kid, I loved that feeling of being swallowed up by this huge family. So many aunts and uncles, and you were just another one of the cousins. I think a lot about how different family will be for H, who only has one uncle.

It was great traveling with H with both my mom and dad. I had a lot of help, although not when I needed it at night. The boy was amazing every day. Seriously never cried even during the long travel days and hours in the car. But come night time he was not a happy camper, and of course that's when I was on my own. I came home pretty exhausted, but so glad that we made the effort to go. H got to see both great grandmas, one for the first time.

Unlce Dave's house - a lot of stuffed animals
The windmills at Cousin Wayne's farm
Meeting his Great Grandma
My grandma Ruth has dementia and no longer remembers who we are. But sitting there with her as she was chuckling to herself at jokes only she could only hear, threatening to knock my uncle around when he got out of line, it still felt like I got to see my grandma. I wasn't sure if the disease would have left anything of who she really was. And when H reached out to her and she whispered 'want to come to me' and we helped her hold him on her lap, I was so glad we'd made this meeting happen.

I also found this picture of my Grandma Susan and Grandpa Cec when they were young. Don't they look so glamourous? Grandma Susan turned 90 this past Friday and this was the second time H had a chance to visit her. She is amazing. Though she has had a lot of health problems she still lives in her own home and we had to fight with her to sit down and stop trying to take care of us. She would even pick up H (a very heavy 18 lbs) and carry him into the living room, plop him on her lap and keep him entertained for a long time. And ask anyone, he is one wriggly little boy. I think babies really are magic.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

On the road

We're in Saskatchewan for my grandmother's 90th birthday. Luckily I'm traveling with both my parents (two extra sets of hands is a very good thing). Still it's always a bit hard having your routine disrupted. Right now I'm sitting in the basement next to H wondering if he'll be able to sleep in this new environment. We've actually been here once before, when Hux was only three months old. It's amazing to look back on that trip now and how different he was only a few months ago. Yeah I know, blah blah blah, they grow up so fast. What else is new?

Anyway, wish me luck with sleep tonight. And in the meantime, here are a few pictures taken on our drive from regrina to Assiniboia.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A big weekend

Whew, I'm beat. It has been one full weekend around these parts. My good friend Rachel came to town on Friday night, and we got to spend a fabulous day together Saturday. It included sunshine, good conversation, lots of baby cuddles, oh and splitting a half dozen donuts from Cartem's between three of us while sitting on the street in Gastown. What more could you ask for from your Saturday? How about dinner out sans-bebe with all my oldest friends (within driving distance that is)? Yup, we did that too. While my parents stayed at home with H, we got done up and headed over to Sandbar.

Even though this was the second time they had babysat for us, it was the first time that we went for dinner somewhere other than right on the Drive. Of course H did not go down to sleep easily, and so minutes before we had to head out the door I was listening to my baby scream in his crib and feeling that wave of new-mom (or is it an always mom thing?) anxiety and defeatism wash over me thinking, 'I can't go'. Luckily my dad, who is truly the baby whisperer, stepped in and even though my baby wasn't sleeping we walked out the door. I ended up almost forgetting that I had a baby (well, not quite but I did relax) and we had a great time out.

Then Sunday morning, I managed to drag my tired, 30 year old butt out of bed at 6:30 so that I could head downtown for the Vancouver Sun Run. Back in January, I had grand plans to run the 10K, but when I realized that meant choosing training runs over sleep I downgraded my goal to walking it in a decent amount of time. To tell you the truth, my training walks usually turned into strolls down the Drive and ended in pastries and coffee, so I wasn't too sure about the 'decent' time part of my plan. But I'm happy to report that I finished in 1:35! Not too bad. It was actually a lovely walk, and I returned home to a sleeping baby who had been totally fine without me.

Today though, all I wanted to do was cuddle my little boy. After so much time spent away from H (one evening AND the following morning), it made me realize how quickly the days of just me and him, all day every day, are passing by. I'm thankful for a little bit more independence for H, but oh how I'll miss this time when it's gone.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tooth Time!

Yup, H has his first tooth! Well, he's got the tip of his first tooth, does that count? Last Friday James felt something sharp poking out of H's gum, but try as we might we couldn't actually see the thing. But then a couple days later we both saw the little tiny tip of his very first tooth!

At the same time, it seems like H now only wants to feed himself. He will grab the spoon out of your hand, grab at the bowl, and generally cause all kinds of havoc. And another new development, he will scream when you take away said spoon or bowl in attempt to actually help him get some of the food in his mouth instead of up his nose or on top of his head. This happened as soon as I did a baby food exchange last week, leaving us with 14 dozen frozen cubes of pureed baby food. Of course. The thing is I'm not ready for him to be eating finger foods... I'm so nervous about choking. I finally gave in and handed him some pear 'sticks' this weekend, and was secretly thrilled when the pears were so ripe that he crushed them in his fist before he could get much in his mouth. Isn't there some way to tell your baby they are growing up too fast and you're not quite ready for it?

So does anyone have any tips for some good beginner finger foods? Preferably something that turns to liquid the moment they enter the baby's mouth?

Friday, April 06, 2012


I've been sick! I succumbed to the cold that James and H had last week, and while they both seemed to roll with it without too much trouble it hit me hard. Maybe it's because I've been sleep deprived since September. Maybe it's because I'm nursing and that takes a lot out of me. Or maybe I'm just a big wuss. No matter what the cause, these last few days have not been too fun.

In the olden days, I would have parked myself on the couch for the duration. But with a baby around, that's not possible. And so my plan of attack became going out and having visitors, because at least that way someone else would entertain H for a few hours and I could be distracted. One day my dad came out and the three of us went to see the Hunger Games. And yesterday I went to visit a friend (armed with lots and lots of kleenex and hand sanitizer so as not to get anyone else sick) for a couple hours. But the drive to and from Surrey also provided a bit of a break. And then I went to bed at 8:30 pm. I haven't done that since I was pregnant last summer.

Somehow H seems to know when he needs to give me a break, and so he's been sleeping for some longer stretches at night. I've also transferred responsibility for H to James at night, since he's up any way. This has been amazing, and I think I'm going to keep it up (although I think James might feel differently).

The good news is I think the worst has passed. I haven't had to blow my nose for hours, and now it's time to pack up and head out to visit the grandparents which is sure to afford me a bit more rest. But just to be safe I'd better make myself some ginger tea and take a nap. And it just might be a bed before 9 pm kind of day again tonight.