Monday, April 16, 2012

A big weekend

Whew, I'm beat. It has been one full weekend around these parts. My good friend Rachel came to town on Friday night, and we got to spend a fabulous day together Saturday. It included sunshine, good conversation, lots of baby cuddles, oh and splitting a half dozen donuts from Cartem's between three of us while sitting on the street in Gastown. What more could you ask for from your Saturday? How about dinner out sans-bebe with all my oldest friends (within driving distance that is)? Yup, we did that too. While my parents stayed at home with H, we got done up and headed over to Sandbar.

Even though this was the second time they had babysat for us, it was the first time that we went for dinner somewhere other than right on the Drive. Of course H did not go down to sleep easily, and so minutes before we had to head out the door I was listening to my baby scream in his crib and feeling that wave of new-mom (or is it an always mom thing?) anxiety and defeatism wash over me thinking, 'I can't go'. Luckily my dad, who is truly the baby whisperer, stepped in and even though my baby wasn't sleeping we walked out the door. I ended up almost forgetting that I had a baby (well, not quite but I did relax) and we had a great time out.

Then Sunday morning, I managed to drag my tired, 30 year old butt out of bed at 6:30 so that I could head downtown for the Vancouver Sun Run. Back in January, I had grand plans to run the 10K, but when I realized that meant choosing training runs over sleep I downgraded my goal to walking it in a decent amount of time. To tell you the truth, my training walks usually turned into strolls down the Drive and ended in pastries and coffee, so I wasn't too sure about the 'decent' time part of my plan. But I'm happy to report that I finished in 1:35! Not too bad. It was actually a lovely walk, and I returned home to a sleeping baby who had been totally fine without me.

Today though, all I wanted to do was cuddle my little boy. After so much time spent away from H (one evening AND the following morning), it made me realize how quickly the days of just me and him, all day every day, are passing by. I'm thankful for a little bit more independence for H, but oh how I'll miss this time when it's gone.

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theRachel said...

Thanks for being a fab hostess, once again! Loved seeing you, James & Hux!