Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tooth Time!

Yup, H has his first tooth! Well, he's got the tip of his first tooth, does that count? Last Friday James felt something sharp poking out of H's gum, but try as we might we couldn't actually see the thing. But then a couple days later we both saw the little tiny tip of his very first tooth!

At the same time, it seems like H now only wants to feed himself. He will grab the spoon out of your hand, grab at the bowl, and generally cause all kinds of havoc. And another new development, he will scream when you take away said spoon or bowl in attempt to actually help him get some of the food in his mouth instead of up his nose or on top of his head. This happened as soon as I did a baby food exchange last week, leaving us with 14 dozen frozen cubes of pureed baby food. Of course. The thing is I'm not ready for him to be eating finger foods... I'm so nervous about choking. I finally gave in and handed him some pear 'sticks' this weekend, and was secretly thrilled when the pears were so ripe that he crushed them in his fist before he could get much in his mouth. Isn't there some way to tell your baby they are growing up too fast and you're not quite ready for it?

So does anyone have any tips for some good beginner finger foods? Preferably something that turns to liquid the moment they enter the baby's mouth?


theRachel said...

I have no advice. But I love your posts. :)

Megan said...

those baby rice crackers, "mum-mums", also plain cheerios are pretty good.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for the tips Megan! He's not quite adept at picking up small things like cheerios yet, but I'll check out the rice crackers.