Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A day in the life ... 8 months

8 am - I hear H crying and James goes and gets him and brings him to me. Usually our days begin around 8 to 9 am... so thankful that even though he doesn't sleep through the night, at least H lets me sleep in a bit. We nurse, have a cuddle, laugh and giggle with daddy, then it's time to start the day.

9 am - We're up, dressed and now it's time for breakfast! I get myself something to eat and prepare a mini version of what I'm having for H. Scrambled egg, pureed fruit with oatmeal or yogurt, or cheerios and bananas are just a few of the things H likes to eat. He's taken his time getting warmed up to food, but is starting to like it more and more. Lately when he gets into his high chair, he flaps his arms excitedly as if to say, 'give it to me!'.

9:30-10 am - After breakfast, H will play quietly sitting on the floor while I clean up, then it's time for a few stories.

10 am - Nap #1. H has been slowly stretching out his awake time, but it's still only about two hours long. H naps in his crib now, and after singing him a song and putting him down in his crib I leave the room and let him fall asleep. Usually he's out in a minute, but his naps are still usually only 40-50 minutes long.

11 am - Up, diaper change, and a quick nurse. Now we usually grab the stroller or hop in the car and get out on the town. If it's sunny, our new favourite destination is the park. Today we meet our friends (mom and baby) in Kits and go for a nice long walk on Kits Beach. When H was younger I had a lot more set appointments to help me get out of the house, but these days I'm much more 'go with the flow'.

1 pm - Nap #2. Usually happens sometime in the early afternoon and this can be his best nap. I LOVE that H naps better these days. I love my baby, but I LOVE his naps. I sip coffee, do a few housekeeping type things, watch TV, read books or the internet... naps are awesome.

2 pm - H is up. Diaper change and lunch. I try to sit down and eat something with him. A few weeks ago, I decided to start giving H three meals a day. He doesn't eat that much, maybe 1 oz of soft food, plus some finger foods. It's easy to feel like this meal is optional, but I try to make sure he gets it every day since I figure he expects it now. Lunch is usually some purees, sweet potato or squash and cinnamon, and some finger foods. Pieces of avocado, pear, banana, cheese or cheerios. He doesn't get too much of that in his mouth, but he concentrates pretty hard and is getting better with his pincer grasp.

2 - 4 pm - We putter around the house. Play in the yard or in the house. Run errands on the Drive... maybe mom buys herself a treat (probably mom buys herself a treat).

4 pm - Last nap of the day. This one is usually pretty short. Although lately, H has started falling back asleep sometimes if I just leave him. It's amazing how much his napping has changed... probably this deserves a blog all of its own.

5 pm - H is up, diaper change and a nurse. Then he sits in his highchair to keep me company while I get dinner together. The best way to keep him occupied? Why hand him a mixing spoon of course.
By this time we are both dying for dad to walk through the door. And when he does, H breaks into the biggest smile. It's so fun watching H and James' relationship. They adore each other.

6 pm - Dinner time! James and I used to eat all our meals in front of the TV (Bad! I know) but not these days. We've started to all sit down at the table and eat as a family. For this meal I try to let H sample as much as he can off our plates. Last night it was some cod and pasta to go along with his pureed dilly carrots.

6:30-7 pm - Somewhere in here it's bath time. H loves his bath still, which is great. His favourite trick is to try to drink the bathwater, which of course keeps mama and dad on our toes.

7 pm - Bedtime! Is there anything better than a freshly bathed baby in his PJs? We have a couple stories (usually the Hobbit and The Going to Bed Book), a nurse, and then it's off to bed in his room. H is so much better at going to sleep these days. He does wake up a few times in the evening, but it's 50-50 that he'll be able to put himself back to sleep without any help from us. It is so nice to have a few hours of grown up time in the evening.

H still gets up twice in the night for a bite to eat. Usually the first time is around 11 pm just as I'm going to sleep. He'll also get up around 3 am. And then sometimes still around 5 am, but I count that as an 'early morning' wake up, and he'll luckily go back down for a couple of hours before we wake up for good and start the whole day over.


theRachel said...

8 months already?! Time sure is flying by!

Alyssa said...

Tell me about it!

Bec Shulba said...

it's great to have these days written out here and there because a year or two from now, you will wonder what you filled your day with and won't be able to remember. it's nice to have a log at every few months. :) amazing how it changes so quickly!

Alyssa said...

Bec, you were my inspiration to keep doing these from time to time!