Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Fake it 'till you make it...

With less than a week before beach time, I was horrified when I looked down and saw my legs. Eeek, seriously? Not only are they pasty white, but they are covered in bruises. What from? Who knows. I swear bruises no longer heal on me, they just hang around for months gradually turning a sickly pale green colour. Have I grossed you out enough yet? So this combo lead to me to try something I'd never imagined I would dare... the self tanner. As in, from a bottle. I figured a tan would at least partially cover up the gross-ness, and I'd been hearing that the new generation of self tanners are much easier to use and less likely to end in orange splotchy disaster.

SO, I bought this stuff from Sephora yesterday, and once the babe was asleep I jumped in the shower to try it (I read somewhere to spray in the shower so you could just rinse it down after to clean up the over spray... smart idea). You know, some people suggested exfoliating in the morning, then moisturizing, then spraying in the evening. But I'm a mom, I don't have time for all that so I jumped right in. No exfoliating, no moisturizing, no thinking it through.

How did it turn out? Well... it's a bit mixed. The colour after one application is really subtle and nice. But somehow I ended up with some splotchy bits on my arms, especially my right arm where I somehow missed blending it into my hand. I really don't think anyone would notice though unless I pointed it out... but let me point it out for you.

I'm hoping another application will even things out... and if not, at least then my weird, splotchy arms will distract from my legs.

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theRachel said...

I look forward to more updates on your tanning progress :)