Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gratitude for Moms

On a recent trip to Saskatchewan with my parents, I dragged myself up the stairs from putting H to bed in the basement and fell into the love seat. My parents were watching TV and could tell I was exhausted after four rough nights with a teething baby. In response to how I was doing, all I could muster was that I was thirsty, and just then H started to wail again. With a big sigh, I declared that I was going to the bathroom before I went back down there, secretly hoping he'd quiet himself. He didn't of course, even after I took way longer than necessary to pee (triple hand wash? why not). So I walked through the kitchen to head down to the basement, and there was my mom waiting for me by the steps with a big glass of water.  Here I was, 30 years old with a baby of my own, and it's my mom who's looking after me so I can look after him. And as I walked down the stairs I could hear my 90 year old grandmother asking my mom if she needed something to eat ...

Thank you Mom for all you do for me. And for every mother that came before.

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