Friday, July 13, 2012


Yes, it has finally arrived! A straight week of sun and hot hot hot, and I'm remembering why it is that we live in this part of the world. The nice weather has also opened the way to a whole bunch of new activities for H and I. Splashing in the inflatable pool in yard, splashing in water on the deck, and today we went to the big pool for the first time (OK, so basically warm weather = play with water).

I'd wanted to take H to the pool since he was little. But it was winter, and it just seemed too cold to dunk a tiny baby into water. And since he's been playing in the kiddie pool and in the big bathtub, I almost felt like there was no need to go to the pool. After all, how different could it be to a baby?

Turns out, very different. H loved the pool. And not in the 'doesn't hate it so mom infers baby loves it' kind of way. No, he loved it in the huge smile, kicking and splashing and laughing kind of way. So, I guess we'll be doing that again. And as a bonus he took a 2 + hour nap afterwards!
At White Rock Beach
Splashing around on the deck


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Hims likes it!

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