Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adventures in eating...

Sometime in the last couple months H has gone from playing with his food to seriously chowing down. This was the kid who couldn't make it through a jar of baby food in the requiste 72 hours before it expired and now he'll suck back one of his Gourmet Baby food packs in under sixty seconds, I kid you not.

So for those interested (read: me in a few years) here's what he's been loving lately:
Slices of watermelon, mangos, peaches, nectarines and plums (watermelon is the hands down favourite)
Bananas and banana pancakes (slices of banana dipped in pancake batter and fried. SO good... I may steal some for myself)
Fried or grilled zucchini (after having H eat my entire share a few dinners in a row I've finally realized we need to start making him his own serving of these and not just feeding him off my plate... mama wants her zucchini!)
Yam fries
Red peppers
Oatmeal with applesauce and cinnamon
Humus and pita
Avocado and cheese quesadillas
Scrambled eggs with feta
Arrowroot cookies (he gets these at daycare, no wonder he likes it so much)
French toast dipped in plain yogurt

What he does not like:
Anything I need to feed him off a spoon. This kid is all about the finger foods!

Are there any foods your kids love that H should try? We're always looking for more ways to turn this kid into a foodie!

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theRachel said...

I don't have any advice, but...I love the picture!