Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A getaway

Yes, after spending nights away from H while working shiftwork I decided that I might be ready to leave him with a sitter so James and I could get away for a night. So the grandparents were asked, a tentative date was planned, and I promplty forgot about it.

Now we're supposed to going THIS WEEKEND! Of course both James and I are coming down with something, H has had some really aweful nights, and I just can't imagine how this is going to work. But that's so much of parenthood, isn't it? Thinking 'I just can't possibly imagine how this will happen' and then whatever it is comes and things just work out. Somehow.

So I think we're going to soldier on barring us getting too sick (or coming down with a serious case of the cold feet). Wish us luck. And just for fun, can anyone guess the exotic location we chose for our one night getaway?

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