Tuesday, November 27, 2012

He's that kid???

Oh this boy. In the words of one of his teachers, he is such a monkey.

I arrived at daycare to pick H up today in the middle of afternoon snack. All the other children were sitting nicely in their chairs around the table, while H was standing very close to the boy next to him who happened to be eating a snack brought from home (who are these parents who opt out of the meal plan? I'm sorry, but isn't not having to plan lunch and snacks everyday the best part of daycare?).

Anyway, while I'm watching him, my boy reaches over and grabs two crackers out of his friend's hand and before I can stop him they are in his mouth. Oh dear. Thinking it must just be that he's still hungry I help him sit down and get him some more hummus and pita. He proceeds to throw those on the ground and then gets back up, walking around the table and stealing other kids food out of their bowls, and even their hands! I guess this is what happens everytime there is food out. Yeah, he's that kid.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A day in the life - 14 months

So a few people in my blogroll were taking part in a 'day in your life' type thing and it got me to thinking that I'm really overdue for one myself. As my friend Rebecca pointed out to me it's really neat looking back and seeing how things have changed over the past year and a bit. But when I actually started thinking about what a typical day is like, honesty I had no idea. Some days I work, some nights I work, some days I don't. Some days H is up at the crack of dawn (actually hours before), others he sleeps in. Naps are a mystery these days as he transitions from two down to one. Well I guess I should pick the day that just ended. Actually it's pretty typical of a day I work nights, so here it goes…

7:30 am - Wake up to shouts coming from H's room. The past couple days he chose to get up around 6 am, which is a li-ttle early for my taste. Thank goodness he chose a more civilized hour today. In my pre-baby days, if I was working a night shift I would make sure to sleep in until 10 am or so. No more! H is up and so am I. I bring him into bed with me and we slowly wake up while nursing.

8:00 am - It's time for getting dressed and making breakfast. This morning I decid that I want eggs even if lately H has not been a big fan. To my surprise not all of his eggs end up on the floor, so I'm going to call that a win. He also has peaches and banana and milk. Since he gets a morning snack at daycare I'm not too worried if he doesn't eat a huge breakfast.

8:30 am - We bundle up (it's a clear and frosty morning) and head to daycare. I honestly feel so lucky with the childcare we've ended up with. To think I spent so much time worrying about what we were going to do. As we walk into the elevator I notice the artwork has all been changed and now there's a display of the Halloween pictures up. H is very excited to point out all his friends in their costumes. I get him settled, say good morning to the staff and the other kids, and leave H happily chowing down on some yogurt and berries. He doesn't even look up as I go.

9:30 am - It's a beautiful morning and I've got a ton of stuff to do, but I need to have a nap to get me through the next 20 hours. So I head home and go to bed.

1 pm - WHAT! This was the longest nap ever and proof that as a 14 month old mom I'm still rocking the sleep deprivation. Maybe it's not like in the early days, but given the chance I can nap almost anytime. I have a few hours before picking up H and this is the time to get stuff done. I rush around cleaning, doing laundry, and even manage to run a couple errands around town.

4 pm - Arrive at daycare to find the kids playing outside and H riding a tractor and laughing. It's good to know that while I've been doing my thing he's been having a fun day. I check the board on the wall to see what he did, what he ate, and when he napped. Today was a fantastic nap day, 11 to 1! No wonder he's in such a happy mood. We play for a little bit before getting in the car to head home.

5 pm - Back home and this is our hang out and play time. When H starts to seem hungry I make a dinner out of leftover beef and beans, pita, and grapes. I have a lunch packed for work but I join him for a snack as well. After dinner H nurses for dessert. Normally he would nurse right before bed, but on days when mom is away at bedtime we've got to get creative. Sometimes it works OK for me to be away at night, but sometimes it's really hard for James. This lack of routine is the worst part of my job, but you've got to do what you've got to do.

6 pm - James arrives and I run out the door. Bath time and bed time will be his job today. I'll get home just as they are waking up and cuddle and nurse H before falling asleep. Now it's time to grab a coffee, settle in to my desk, and spend 12 hours using a part of my brain that has nothing to do with mommyland. And in a strange way, it feels like a nice break.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

At 14 months

Dear H,

Life feels busy these days, and that's just how you are. Busy. Whether it be pulling books off shelves, covering your hands in stickers, or crusing around on furniture you are always on the go. Often muttering to yourself 'tukatukatuka' while you work you are the picture of determination, and as mom and dad have sadly discovered there is no distracting you when you have discovered something that you want.

Last night we were having dinner with our friends and it was so fun watching you play with the other kids. Their three year old, who must seem very grown up to you, had you busting a gut with his antics. And when he tried to engage you in a wrestling match I could see the delight in your eyes, even while the moms stepped in to prevent what, I'm sorry to tell you, was a very one sided match.

These days you really like to play with us. Your favourite game by far is chase the baby. This is exactly what it sounds like. You hold onto someone's fingers (still not quite balanced on those feet) and run run run while someone loudly chases you. Then you stop, turn, and run run run after whoever was tricked into thinking they were safe coming after you. Classic. You also love peekaboo. We throw a blanket over your head and you shriek with delight. And just the other day, when you pulled the blanket off you started to exclaim 'Ah DO!'. Your own version of 'peekaboo'.

You continue to be very chatty, although most of what you say is not in English. We don't know yet how much sound you are hearing, and sometimes I feel like might be a while before you have a lot of words that we can understand. But every now and then you really surprise me. The other day in the den you pointed to the corner of the room and said something that sounded an aweful lot like 'ball'. I thought you were just randomly babbling, but when I looked behind the desk there was a beach ball sitting there! OK, I guess you do know that word. And the other day you pointed at a dog and I swear you said 'woof woof'. I can't wait for the day when I feel sure that you understand the meaning of words and when you can tell me exactly what you are thinking.

You are still a great eater, although a little bit of pickyness might be creeping in. You have made your feelings about eggs very clear, and scrambled, fried or omlet they end up on the floor. But there is still plenty you will eat, and you will eat a lot. Favourites from this week included spinach pie, cauliflower chickpea stew on quinoa, spaghetti squash with meat sauce, and veggie chilli by Rebecca. You've graduated from eating with your hands to eating with your hands and sometimes a spoon or fork. And you no longer like eating off of your tray, you like a bowl or plate for your food.

Once upon a time you seemed pretty happy staying put. But no more! While you still don't love crawling, you're getting pretty good at finding ways to cruise around. Of course you love using your little alligator walker, but you've also figured out how to walk around using your highchair (when mom and dad forget to lock the wheels) or even your stroller if it happens to be left out. With all this practice, we're hoping that your first steps aren't too far behind.

With all your newfound excitement about the world around you, you still remain a little cuddle bug. You are full of kisses and hugs… and pinches, bites and scratches too. A lot of love, not a lot of gentleness. A wonderful way to describe a 14 month old.


Saturday, November 03, 2012

Getaway FAIL

Guess who misread her work schedule and will actually be spending today working? Yes that would be me.

It actually is likely for the best. H is still having some rough nights. I'm still a bit worn out from the stomach bug I caught from him. Oh and when I called to cancel the reservation at the hotel they had no record of it. So yeah, let's just say it wasn't meant to be.