Tuesday, February 26, 2013

About time for a little update...

I was shocked when I realized that H has had his hearing aids for less than 3 weeks now. It feels like it's been much longer. I'm happy to report that he is (fingers crossed, knock on wood) doing really great with them. He seems OK with letting us put them in (and we are getting much better at this), he rarely pulls them out, and he hasn't been showing any signs that they bother him even when he's in really noisy situations.

Before we got them, I had given myself a one month time frame before I assumed we could notice any real benefits. After his ear tubes were put in, this was the amount of time it took for us to say 'wow, what a difference'. I don't know if it was a coincidence, or all due to the hearing aids, but it seems as though within days of getting them H's language has started to take off. He has started saying two syllable words (da-ddy, do-ggy) and two word sentences (down please, open door)! He has started imitating us waaay more than before, and even said his name the other day, 'Hu-ley'. We were talking about apples and all of a sudden he pipes up 'a-pple'. It's amazing.

I sat down yesterday and wrote out the words he says routinely now. I think we're up to 20 if we count some very rough approximations like 'gah' for 'grapes'. 20 is the bare minimum number words an 18 month old should say, they should have more like 50 to 100, but seeing as he has more than doubled his words in the last couple weeks who knows where we'll be a couple weeks from now?

Right after getting his hearing aids, I spent some time at H's daycare as I wanted to show his teachers how to use them. His infant program has 12 kids, and almost all of them are within a month or two of each other. It was the first time I really noticed that H's language was starting to fall quite a bit behind the other kids, and it made me so sad. But seeing how much he has progressed over such a short time is really encouraging. We've got a lot of catching up to do - six months or more where he was missing so much of what was said - but I'm hopeful we'll get there.

His favourite toy at our rental in Palm Springs - everything ended up in those pots!


Megan said...

Go Huxley!! Do not stress over how many words he is or is not saying, they'll come. If it makes you feel better Charlie says less than 10 words or so, & he's a month older than Hux. One day (in the not too far future) they will be chatting our ears off!

Bec Shulba said...

wow - what a great update. he was definitely talking it up last night - so fun to see.