Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time to brag some more!

At H's 18 month check up yesterday his doctor asked how many words he can say and I responded around 20. I had thought this was pretty low, but in her experience this was high. She said he is "slightly advanced"! It feels so good to know that all our hard work is paying off. Way to go kiddo!

Oh, and I added it up today and actually it's more like 30 (40 if you count animal sounds etc.)

We took a trip

It was a couple weeks ago now, so of course all the warm memories have been washed away by days and days of rain. So in a desperate attempt to hold onto some memories of sun, I thought I'd share a bit of our trip.

It has been a pretty busy winter, so with reading break coming up we decided to make a break for it. With an active toddler (yay walking!) the idea of a long plane trip was not appealing, so we chose California again - this time heading to Palm Springs. I had been there once before and had been entranced by the crazyness of hanging out poolside in a lush oasis surrounded by desert and rock. And thanks to guides like these from A Cup Of Jo, I was able to convince James that it wasn't all old people and golf courses. The town is full of trendy spots for the LA hipsters to come hang out, and it was fun lying poolside at the Ace Hotel pretending we belonged to that group.

And in a stroke of luck, my dear dear friends were heading to California at the same time and allowed themselves to be talked into joining us. Score! And having two couples allowed us to rent this amazing house in an older, very cool neighbourhood in Palm Springs. Double score! I absolutely love the mid century modern vibe of Palm Springs, and this house definitely fit right in with that.

At YVR waiting for our flights

The only thing that was a bit sad was that it wasn't quite warm enough to lay poolside every day thanks to an Alaskan Low that decided to drop south right in the middle of my vacation. But we still saw the sun every day and being the crazy canucks that we are, managed to swim every days as well. We didn't pay to heat that pool for nothing!

Travelling with a toddler meant hauling a lot more stuff and a lot more running around compared to our last family vacation. My perception of the trip was that it felt like as much work as last spring in Venice Beach, but now when I think back on that trip when H was a stationary 8 month old who didn't even eat -  all I can think of is how much easier it was! Why did I think it was any work at all? Oh my, I think my mommy brain may just be whitewashing that trip a tiny bit.

Speaking of Venice Beach, we even managed to fit in an afternoon on the boardwalk. Since flights out of LAX were much cheaper, we decided to drive from LA to Palm Springs. It was fun to go back to some of our favourite places, and we even grabbed dinner for the flight from the Whole Foods where we ate - a lot - last year.

And now a few pictures...

The yard at the amazing place we rented... I loved this pool.

Roadside In 'n Out!

Rocking our stripes at the Ace Hotel. I love this pic of me and H.

Getting ready to ride the Tram, which takes you to the top of the mountains surrounding Palm Springs. Not for those who are scared of heights.

Desert photo shoot. This trail was at the Living Desert Zoo, which was pretty amazing. Also, to a toddler the desert is just one giant sand box. H never wanted to leave.

Breaking out the Ergo again, this time at Joshua Tree National Park. We mainly just drove through, but managed to take a quick walk through the desert. It was cold (still snow on the ground in some places) but magical.

This guy. What a fun boy to travel with. Also, these pots and pans were toddler  heaven. 

Back at Venice Beach.

*Updated: Apparently when I write on my phone I don't know the difference between dessert and desert. Yes, I'm going to go ahead and blame that on my phone...