Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life Changing

I have made a discovery that has, literally, changed my life. No, this is not an exaggeration. And when I tell you it has to do with dinner, please don't make the mistake of thinking this is some superficial change. Oh no, this change in our dinners has nearly been a religious experience for me. I've been saved y'all! Saved from ever having to plan my own meals! Well, at least for five nights a week.

But first, can we all agree that dinners are the worst? I mean, why do they have to come every. single. day? And why do they always come at the worst part of the day, when everyone is cranky and tired and just wants to lay down for an hour or two after a busy day at work. And why does my child think the best place to hangout when I'm trying to cook is right between my legs and the hot stove covered in boiling liquids? Anyway, you get the picture. Dinners were not going well.

So for a while, we just got takeout. And that worked fine, but eventually I was feeling like I needed to be feeding H some better food. After all, these are the precious months before the dreaded two year food pickiness kicks in, shouldn't I be maximizing his openness to try new foods by serving him something other than a variation of cheese on bread? And while he's eating better, shouldn't we be eating better too?

I figured that the solution was meal planning. I even made a half hearted attempt when I returned to work to start doing that. But while I have no problem following through on meal plans, that whole 'planning' part was the kicker. I hated it. Sitting down to plan a week's worth of food, all the recipes I know would suddenly fly out of my head. And even if you managed to come up with some ideas, then you have to make a grocery list? This was too much work for my precious days off. I mean, couldn't I just pay someone to do this for me?

Turns out yes, yes I can.

I discovered thefresh20.com while randomly scrolling through a blogger I follow's instagram feed. For $5 a month ( A MONTH!) you get weekly meal plans complete with a grocery list. I could go on and on. It's based on 20 main ingredients, and all the meals overlap so that you use up everything by the end of the week (no more wasted food!). And it's all based on fresh ingredients so less processed foods than we'd been eating. And the food is GOOD. We've been doing this for almost 6 weeks now, and there have only been a handful of meals that were so-so. Most are delicious.

So yeah, maybe this will become less exciting with time or we'll fall of the wagon. But six weeks is a long time to maintain this level enthusiasm. And so far I still can't wait for Friday (when new menu's are posted) to find out what we'll be eating next week!


Bec Shulba said...

haha! i JUST linked over here to get your blog address so that i could link your blog to my latest post ABOUT the FRESH 20!!! love it. we are SO in, hey? love your pics! that bbq chicken pizza was one of my favs - i've made it for lunch multiple times since.

theRachel said...

Fresh20 should be paying you and Bec :)