Sunday, July 14, 2013

A rundown

1. day at the beach 2. paddling at Manning Park 3. this guy is the best 4. curls!

What I'm doing these days…
Recovering from the worst cold I've had in ages. Remind me never to get sick again, it really doesn't agree with me.

Experimenting with no heat curls AND the sock bun. My hairdo IQ has literally doubled in the past couple months, thank you internets. You know, for all the ways in which I wouldn't want to be a kid growing up now, it really would have helped my sense of style as a kid to just be able to look up how to do all the stylish things you saw others doing. I mean, back in the day, unless you had a cool friend or older sibling to show you how to make the perfect pair of cutoff shorts or lace up your chucks (both things I have googled) you were on your own.

Remembering the fun that was our camping trip last weekend. It went really well, but two nights was totally the right amount of time.

What is H doing these days…
Waking up sososo early. We've been feeling like 'what is up with this kid and the 5:30 am start to the day?' But his daycare recently changed their sign in sheet so you can put down what time your kid woke up, and it turns out it's all of them. I never thought I'd be looking forward to the dark days of winter in July, but I'm hoping that will be a return to 7 am wake ups.

What H is saying these days…
'No' - the answer to all questions
'I bunny, hop hop' - also I'm a fish, I'm a whale, this kid is into the make believe
'The PEOPLE!!! Hi people!' - when looking out the window at the street

And if you're really lucky ...
'I love you' - said while hugging himself a la ASL sign for love (according to Sesame Street at least)

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